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Make Your Phone Sound on Your Own With One-click Ringtone Converter


Tomsk, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2007 -- When you deal with your own cell phone, you always want it to have something special - a ringtone, for example. Of course you can find and buy your favorite ringtones from one of those online services paying for each short melody you've got. Or even use ringtones came with your phone. However there is a better way out! Now you can create your own ringtones without limitations easier than ever before with new software product from Streamware Development - One-click Ringtone Converter.

Unlike other conversion software it is not a huge and complicated "all-in-one" package. It won't send your e-mail, make photoalbums and burn DVDs, it's a tool for those who are too lazy to read manual and too busy to waste time learning complicated interface. One-click Ringtone Converter just creates and sends ringtones, but it does the job allowing you to relax and don't worry about 'which button to press now?...'. As comes from its name One-click Ringtone Converter is very easy in use. And it's really so! You just right-click music files and even folders and pick "Convert to ringtone" option. Imagine you don't need to run the program, just find your favorite music and right-click once to convert it to ringtone. Want two or ten ringtones at once? Select them all and right-click. Don't want the whole song? Cut your favorite fragment with a couple of clicks. One-click Ringtone Converter will automatically set the optimal quality and make your ringtone sound cleary and loudly even if original song was too quiet.

The ringtone is created, most conversion programs are stopped here. How to delivery created ringtone to your phone is your own headache. But it's not so with One-click Ringtone Converter! After each conversion it offers you to send ringtones to your phone over the Internet. Of course if you have bluetooth adaptor or data cable you can simply transfer your tunes from "My ringtones" folder directly to your phone. Or copy ringtones to memory card if your phone can take it. But if you don't have one of these devices One-click Ringtone Converter will send created ringtones to your phone using free WAP service. Without cables and absolutely free! Taking care of your privacy One-click Ringtone Converter will not ask you for any personal information like phone number or e-mail to send ringtones.

Another problem that worries phone owners is choosing proper ringtone format. Don't worry about it with One-click Ringtone Converter! It supports over one thousand phone models and can create ringtones of five most popular formats. You even don't need to know which format is acceptable for your phone. Simply select your phone and One-click Ringtone Converter will show you ringtone formats allowed for it.

Someone may think: Probably it is very limited in trial version... The answer is - no it isn't! Free trial version allows you to create five ringtones, limited to 5 seconds each. And what's the most important - send to phone feature is available in the evaluation version. So you can try One-click Ringtone Converter without serious limitations right now for free.

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