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Oxnard, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2007 -- Blue Cabana, LLC, a holding company out of California, today announced the creation of a new website that helps users save money. The aptly named Save gives readers an online space to learn money saving tips, as well as a forum to discuss ways to save money. The site could not have come at a better time. Gas prices are skyrocketing, and many people have begun seeking advice from their fellow citizens on how to make ends meet with the money they earn. Save fills that void, creating a community to learn about gas saving strategies and other money saving techniques.

The average American family will spend around a thousand dollars more on gas this year alone. “Having a place to talk about the struggles, to hear how others are changing their habits, makes the idea of saving money a reality again,” said Jason Frye when asked about the bargain advice found on the Save site. Many are finding that to save money they must learn more about the best buys on the market, how to locate bargains, deals, and reduce frivolous expenditures. The Save Money Portal aligns users with the discounts and bargains they can use to save money.

Rising gas prices, inflation, tax costs, consume financial resources to the point many families have nothing left to save. Save has found a way for those families to gather information, and once again be able to stave off growing debt. When a user first encounters the site, they can sign up for an account that enables them to collect money saving articles, participate in a forum, and even add their own money saving articles to the site for a chance at a monthly prize.

The Save Money Portal is free for anyone to use.

About Blue Cabana, LLC: Blue Cabana, LLC was formed to initiate, manage, acquire, supervise and operate online businesses. The Company creates content and community driven sites that focus on niche areas of interest to online readers. The sites are offered free to users and focus on providing up to date information and useful insight into problems. Their philosophy and strategy is "Building Thoughtful Communities through Information." The Company forms a network of web sites with similar approaches to informational needs.
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