Bulgarian 3PL Provider for L’Oreal Meets High EU Supply Chain Standards with Made4net

K&M Style aims to improve and extend its logistics services to international CPG companies in Bulgaria such as L’Oreal, Garnier, and Maybelline with Made4net’s comprehensive suite of supply chain execution software, SCExpert™.


Paramus, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/10/2007 -- Armed with SCExpert™ and Psion Teklogix’s RF equipment, K&M Style will align with top EU logistics standards to give a superior internal and external supply chain experience to its customers.

The new supply chain execution system will enable K&M Style to comply with the highest standards for logistics management while remaining competitive. K&M Style’s decision to rely on Made4net ( comes in response to international companies increasingly outsourcing their product distribution and the expected boom warranted by Bulgaria’s recent accession to the EU. Bulgaria’s strategic location at the crossroads of 5 pan-European corridors adds to its appeal to companies seeking logistics service providers there.

K&M Style has been reading the map closely: the 3PL understands that this rapid economic development means keeping up with the growing demand for highly efficient reasonable low cost logistics management and product tracebility. To be competitive and lower operational costs compared to other European countries, K&M style chose Made4net as a complete supply chain management solution for their expanding 3PL services.

“The decision to go with Made4net’s SCEXpert™ for a 3PL business is a very important one because we wish to make our offerings and standards internationally competitive. Made4net’s supply chain execution solution will enable us to lower costs for all parties concerned while keeping high service levels. We are also pleased that we are implementing an adaptive functionality to our supply chain management because it means we can operate in a global network with complete supply chain visibility. After serious research for a SCM tool we chose Made4net because of the high quality of their product, the complete solution they offer and the team of remarkable professionals with real commitment to the project”, says K&M Style CEO Daniela Ratcheva.

SCExpert™ suite ( will enable K&M Style to adapt to future expansion in volume growth by providing them with comprehensive functionality from warehouse through distribution and transportation, to delivery confirmation at customer destinations. The solution includes Made4net’s WMS module, WarehousExpert™, for multi-client and multi-facility support. This module integrates other SCExpert modules such as BillingExpert™ and TransportExpert™ TMS and POD capabilities to support demand-driven supply chain.

The system will be implemented jointly by Made4net and its local reseller OPTIM-AL, who is also the local representative of Psion Teklogix RF equipment, thus providing an end-to-end solution to K&M Style.

About SCExpert™ by Made4net

Made4net's SCExpert™ platform offers a comprehensive yet modular suite of products that may be implemented individually or as a complete end-to-end integrated solution. Made4net's partners and customers find that the SCExpert™ offers the most in-depth and comprehensive set of capabilities in the supply chain execution industry, supported by an advanced and flexible technical architecture, satisfying both operations and IT requirements. Made4net is committed to expanding and developing its sales and marketing channels world wide, and to contributing to its customer's success and profitability. For details see:

About K&M Style
K&M Style ( is a private Bulgarian company founded in 1992. As 3PL the company is focused on complex order handling, value added activities and high service level, targeting customers sensitive for their brands like L’Oreal, Garnier and Maybelline , acting also as a logistic platform for the Serbian market for some products. K&M Style is a member of ASLOG (

OPTIM-AL is a private Bulgarian company founded in 1991. OPTIM - AL engages in industrial engineering, supervisory and control systems, software development and mobile computing. OPTIM-AL develops software for the mobile worker and offers complete solutions to end-users.For more details see:

About Made4net
Made4net is a leader in delivering real-time execution solutions for managing the Supply Chain, offering an elite WMS solution for managing small to large warehouses, TMS for managing and optimizing the distribution process, and additional complementary solutions such as Yard Management, Loading Management, and Proof of Delivery, to provide an end-to-end execution solution.