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Compromise Agreement Solicitors in London Launch New Site

Sharpes Solicitors compromise agreement specialists providing expert advice on UK employment law from both the employee and employer’s perspective and they’ve launched a new easy-to-use site providing more information about their services and an overview of compromise agreement.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2007 -- Sharpes Solicitors are highly experienced legal professionals advising on compromise agreement, which are the statutory agreements when an employer offers for an employee to mutually terminate the employment relationship and usually involves the employer paying salary to a certain date, be it part of or all of the contractual notice period and often an ex gratia payment (which can be tax free up to a maximum of £30,000.00).

Commenting on his legal and compromise agreement services, Craig Sharpe, solicitor at Sharpes Solicitors states Sharpes Solicitors act and give legal advice on behalf of both employees who have been offered a compromise agreement and employers who wish to avoid disputes with employees (particularly claims relating to redundancy). They can advise by telephone, fax or email so it isn’t absolutely imperative for clients to attend our various offices located all over London if they do not want to.

: “We are highly experienced in preparing contracts for all types of employee, advising on policies and procedures and as mentioned above if the relationship between employee and employer breaks down, then we [Sharpes Solicitors] are particularly proficient in advising, assisting and representing both parties very regularly in Employment Tribunal.”

Sharpes Solicitors employment law and compromise agreement services are competitively priced. For example, when legally acting on behalf of employees, they consider all available funding options including no win/no fee.

In reference to the new site and the new prospects it holds for the future of Sharpes Solicitors, Craig Sharpe declares “on the new site users and potential clients can easily find out more about these services and what they entail and can also contact Sharpes Solicitors directly where they will receive a helpful response very quickly.”

In addition, Danny Bluestone, senior web developer at innovative UK based web design firm Cyber-duck ( describes the new site as “a user centric design, where the structure and design of the site have taken into account extensive research into how potential clients are likely to use the site, resulting in website which is both incredibly easy to use and navigate, whilst being aesthetically appealing with strong branding throughout”.

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