Latest Features For the Asura Prepress Software Unveiled


Arlington, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2007 -- New features to the Asura Prepress Software were recently unveiled by OneVision to help streamline and automate the printing production process by enabling files to be formatted into PDF, EPS and PostScript. The latest features were integrated to the company’s main products, Asura and Asura Pro.

OneVision promises catalog printing companies, as well as other prepress operators that the added features to the Asura and Asura Pro software would significantly enhance the production process by providing an easier method of configuring final output of files (already checked and corrected) into several formats such as PDF, EPS and PostScript, among others. Hence, a more streamlined and automated printing system would be applied.

How can OneVision’s software provide fast and efficient prepress operation?

Before, on-time print production was always a problem because operators tend to stop in the middle of the process just to look for and eventually correct files that provided major problems. With the updated software, operators are assured of a production process that takes less time because it efficiently removes the additional task of locating and checking of problematic files. Now, there’s no need for operators to worry that there will be problems later on because even before the production starts, the final file output would already be checked, corrected and formatted into the required format for faster and efficient on-time printing production.

Moreover, OneVision also provided a tool that will help companies like catalog printing outfits, save on their color inks. The new improved PlugINKSAVEin, which is also available in both the Asura and Asura Pro, will help users to optimize the color inks applied during the production process. PlugINKSAVEin utilizes more of the amount black ink without however, compromising the quality and appearance of the final image output. Hence, operators would see a considerable reduction in their color ink usage, particularly with CMYK which is known to be very expensive.

In addition, the new PlugINKSAVEin is easy to handle and does not require a color management expert to manage. In fact, the new feature includes a “plug and play” feature to provide an easier application time.

Current users of PlugINKSAVEin swear to the quality and significant savings provided by the software. One consumer from Germany even stated that the period of time for the return on investments has greatly reduced that their company was able to get a much shorter pay back time. welcomes the new addition to OneVision’s software packages, and congratulates the management and manufacturers for coming out with innovative ideas to assist catalog printing companies which can greatly enhance the printing production worldwide.

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