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Kanetix Study Asks Canadians “So You Think You Can Drive?”

A recent kanetix.ca study looked at the number and type of tickets issued to drivers in Canada. Based on the ticket information entered online by auto insurance shoppers in 2006, the study reveals some interesting regional variations.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2007 -- Today, kanetix (http://www.kanetix.ca), Canada's insurance marketplace, released results of a recent study titled, “So you think you can drive?” The study, based on 2006’s auto insurance shoppers at http://www.kanetix.ca, reveals not only regional commonalities but more interestingly, differences among drivers and the most frequent types of tickets they get.

The study looked at data for the collective group of drivers from the provinces where kanetix.ca currently offers online auto insurance quotes. These provinces include: Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia.

Gregory Ellis, Co-founder of kanetix.ca, provides some highlights (or lowlights) that came from the study: “Of the total car insurance quotes completed online in 2006, we found that 16 per cent included at least one ticket. But, it’s when we broke it down by province that it got more interesting. For example, we found that 17% of Alberta quotes, 16% of Ontario quotes, 15% of Quebec quotes, 12% of New Brunswick quotes, 9% of Prince Edward Island quotes, and 8% of Nova Scotia quotes included at least one ticket.”

The study goes one step further by looking at the Top Five Tickets common, or unique, to each province. “Without fail, the most common traffic ticket entered across the provinces was for speeding up to 45 km/h over the posted limit,” continued Mr. Ellis. “Add to this a cross-country inability to obey traffic signals and signs, and you’ve got the two most common tickets to all six provinces in our study. On the flip side, some noteworthy differences in each province’s Top Five Tickets were: all provinces, except Quebec, included an infraction for ‘failing to wear a seatbelt’; only Quebec included tickets for ‘signalling offences’; only Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick did not have a second speeding category as part of their most common tickets; and finally, only Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick drivers shared ‘failure to carry/produce proof of insurance’ in their top tickets.”

To view the full article detailing the results of the study, “So you think you can drive: A look at drivers in Canada” visit the www.kanetix.ca Auto InfoCentre at http://www.kanetix.ca/insurance-auto-tickets-byprovince.

Whether you have a spotless driving record, or a ticket or two, kanetix.ca can help you make sure you are not paying unnecessarily high auto insurance premiums (and many people do.) At http://www.kanetix.ca/auto-insurance, kanetix offers auto insurance consumers—with or without tickets—a better and quicker way to shop for auto insurance; after all, kanetix is the website where insurance companies compete, and you save money.

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