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Local Mortgage Company Stands Up For a Code Of Ethics

Headlines “LICENSING it’s cheap, easy to qualify to sell risky home loans”…Miami Herald - Sunday, July. 01, 2007


Weston, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/16/2007 -- Anthony Sands, President & CEO of Global Star Mortgage Corp says, “This is absolutely correct; it is also incredibly expensive to pay for the years of education to qualify as an accountant, financial analyst, or MBA, but that did not stop the fraud that was ENRON.” “Innocent people lost their life savings due to the unethical behavior of some highly qualified individuals all of whom had very expensive educations and many had letters after their names.”

As an advocate of continuing education in the mortgage industry Mr. Sands went on to say, “It is important not to confuse education, and the cost of said education to imply standards and that some code of ethics will be assured.”

“The only way to ensure the behavior of any professional is by the strength of his or her associations – for example; when I buy real-estate I will use a Realtor®, when I get my taxes done I use a CPA, and when a consumer wants a mortgage they should seek a member of NARLO.”

By joining NARLO, the National Association of Responsible Loan Officers Anthony Sands and his company has agreed to adhere to the strictest Code of Professional Conduct in the mortgage financing industry. In addition, the association has a complete consumer mediation service available to any consumer who seeks financing from an NARLO member. This ensures consumers always have a somewhere to turn for independent information about their home financing; NARLO’s goal is to ensure consumer protection.

Headlines like the one above indicate that many home buyers do not understand the scope of their home financing or worse, are not treated fairly by their mortgage lender. The National Association of Responsible Loan Officers was created to educate consumers about their home financing options and ensure they understand the financing options available to them. By participating as members of NARLO, loan officers are financing the most aggressive public education effort in the mortgage financing industry.

“As a responsible mortgage broker, I am proud to stand with others around the country to provide increased consumer protection and education,” said Mr. Sands, “A family home is typically their largest investment, responsible loan officers provide the critical information they need to make informed financing decisions.”

Global Star Mortgage further supports consumer education with offering reports and inside information on the mortgage process for Free with absolutely no obligation.

All subscribers to the FREE reports available at also receive a weekly video bulletin titled “The Wednesday Mortgage Minute”: these tips are sent out by Anthony Sands, President of Global Star Mortgage directly to all subscribers’ email. “The Wednesday Mortgage Minute” covers topics ranging from maintaining good credit to real explanations of how many advertised loan programs actually work.

This is invaluable information for potential homeowners and current home owners who are considering refinance.

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