Allgen Financial Services, Inc.

Allgen Financial Services, Inc. Acquires Good Risk Reward, Inc.

Allgen Financial Services, Inc. acquires Good Risk Reward, Inc. in order to solidify its position in the market as a full service retirement planning institution. Through the acquisition of Good Risk Reward, Allgen will now offer self-investor training and improve its wealth management services.


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2007 -- In order to extend Allgen Financial Services, Inc’s ability to continuously improve its service offerings, it has acquired Good Risk Reward, Inc. Good Risk Reward, Inc. is a wealth management firm focused on active asset management and self investor training.

Jason Martin, the president of Good Risk Reward Inc., will now be a Senior Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Allgen Financial Services, Inc. Effective immediately, he will be responsible for managing all of Allgen’s client portfolios. Mr. Martin said, “This is the perfect partnership. I am able to continue managing the technical aspect of the financial services business while I can rely on a great team of other financial experts to assist with the other aspects of the business.”

“We are excited about this merger,” said Paul Roldan, Senior Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Allgen. He also said, “One of the most common scenarios we face are self investors with an out of sight out of mind approach to investing,” said Paul Roldan, Senior Partner and CEO. In many cases, this lack of monitoring and modifications to a portfolio in a timely fashion leads to major problems for the investor. There are two reasons why this problem typically occurs: 1) Self investors do not have enough time available to properly manage their own assets. 2) Many self investors have a lack of education or training. Being in unfamiliar territory usually results in bad experiences. People tend to run away from bad experiences so they don’t make any more mistakes. Mr. Martin will be a vital asset to helping self investors make better financial decisions with their retirement assets. We will be using to educate and train self investors on the technical and analytical skills necessary to become informed decision makers.”

About Jason Martin
Before becoming president of Good Risk Reward Inc., Mr. Martin was a Senior Broker for Charles Schwab, Inc. He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT). There are fewer then 100 people in the world with both of these designations.

About Allgen
Allgen Financial Services, Inc. is a retirement and investment firm assisting individuals and organizations better manager their assets. Allgen’s service offerings include: personal retirement planning and investing, active asset management, company retirement benefits, estate planning for executives, estate planning for foreign investors, and tax management for entrepreneurs.