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Dino Kourelis Speaks on Behalf of Lovehammers at WikiMusicGuide

An exclusive interview to Dino Kourelis, a member of Lovehammers band by WikiMusicGuide.


Norwalk, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2007 -- The band Lovehammers was voted as second most favorite band in MySpace, an evidence of fame among online music lovers – same bunch who will be delighted to know about WikiMusicGuide’s interview with Dino Kourelis, the band’s bassist.

“Bob and Marty started playing together in High School. Dino joined after buying a bass, and there have been a few other key members to the band throughout the years. Billy Sawilchik joined in the late 90s in college. The current lineup took form in 2003. Other notable members include Ben Kelly and John Murdoch. The name actually used to be Swinging Lovehammers. We had always wanted to change it, but couldn’t think of anything else that we liked. Eventually, we dropped the Swinging and Lovehammers were formed,” explained Dino as to the history of the band.

According to the bassist, since they have known each other most of their lives, and have lived together since High School, they can be considered brothers.

Lovehammers belong to the genre post-grunge, which Dino called “post-grunge with pop sensibilities.”

When asked about Marty Casey’s joining Rockstar, Dino answered, “Our biggest problem was always exposure. Anytime we had the chance to tour with someone or play in front of people we had success. We knew if given the chance, people would fall in love with the band and the music – and they did. Chicago is a great sample of what you can do because of its diversity – we felt that if we could reach all these different people and become the biggest rock band in Chicago, then we could succeed in the rest of the world.”

The band from southwest Chicago suburb, Hickory Hills started when they were 14 in 1988 and were “always self managed and never had a label or agent to promote us,” according to Dino. They won the "Best Rock Entertainer/Best Rock Album" during the 26th Annual Chicago Music Awards.

The group thanks INXS for Rockstar that has given their song “Trees” the exposure. “We knew it was a great song, and just needed to get it out there for people to hear. The great thing about Trees and a lot of our songs is that all types of people dig them – it is pretty wild to see 4 generations of a family coming to shows and singing all the words to our songs,” Dino added.

The band composed by Marty Casey on vocals, Billy Sawilchik on guitars, Bobby Kourelis on drums and Dino himself on bass has recorded four albums: Marty Casey & Lovehammers (2006), Murder on My Mind (2003), How We Live (2001) and L'Strange (2000).

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