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New Book is Taking the Pain out of Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits!

Thousands of needy, truly disabled people are denied Social Security Benefits every single day. The system is burdened with bureaucratic red tape and it is the disabled person who suffers the consequences. This gem of a book, recently published, is unique in that it helps guide applicants through the process of sifting through the incredibly bureaucratic Social Security System using a proven system. Nothing like this has ever been written before! Created with the disabled in mind, it includes real live examples that will guide applicants step-by-step toward the completion of their application, and with the goal to acquire disability benefits on their first try. With more than 60% of applicants for Social Security Disability Benefits being denied each year, this Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits is timely indeed.


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/18/2007 -- A Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits, written by a young woman who went through the entire process herself when she became seriously ill and had to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits, clearly outlines all the pitfalls of the application process. This is her first book and she has written it from her home since she has not totally recovered from her condition. She wrote it because she knew the frustrations and time-consuming reams of paperwork that a disabled person must go through in order to gain disability benefits.

When Michelle Toole first became ill with a disabling condition of unknown causes, she thought her whole world had come to an end, yet it took a while before she actually accepted that she had become disabled. “Disability” is a hard word to own. One of the hardest things she had to do was to accept that she was indeed disabled and that she could no longer work.

To have to give up a job that she loved wasn't easy. Once she came to the conclusion that she needed financial help, it was up to her advocates, her parents, to help her through the endless bureaucratic process. She just did not have the energy and the mental ability to sift through all the paperwork and deal with the system. It actually took the support of her advocates and of her entire immediate family for her to survive emotionally, physically and financially.

At that point, she and her support system were all blind to the system. They did not know where to turn for help, how to file for Social Security Disability Benefits, how to effectively answer the questions on the application, or what information to send to the caseworker handling the case.

But, little by little, step-by-step, her advocates persevered and were able to walk through the entire process and win disability benefits on her behalf in less than 6 months after she applied!

Knowing how difficult it would be for a disabled person to sift through the process, especially if they don't have advocates who can help with the work, she decided to share her experience. By publishing her book, A Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits she knew that she would be able to help many others win Social Security Disability Benefits.

Written in an easy to read style, this book is designed to help applicants document all aspects of their illness, such as physical and mental activity level, current medications, proof of the disorder, and support letters from doctors, friends, relatives and co-workers. This specific guidelines in the book help the applicant answer the application questions in a consistent and clear way, how to communicate effectively with the caseworkers, and how to present comprehensive supporting information to validate their claim.

Throughout the book, Michelle stresses the fact that the Social Security caseworkers are there to support the applicant and that it is up to each individual to enlist their help. At the same time, she points out that “with Social Security, you are guilty of NOT having a disability and it is YOUR JOB to prove that you do!”

With this book, applicants will cut through the bureaucracy; they won't have to worry about how to fill out their application, how to deal with their caseworker, what information to include with the application, and, most importantly, which information to compile and forward to Social Security in advance to expedite the process.

Michelle Toole’s Practical Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits is an asset to all applicants in their journey with Social Security. Books are available for purchase at

About the Author:

Prior to her illness, Michelle Toole was Executive Director of a non-profit organization in Prescott, AZ. Her contribution to the community was extensive where she developed and fully implemented a multifaceted information, referral and crisis intervention center capable of meeting the needs of both the general consumer and non-profit agencies. She took a leadership role within the community to develop programs that would eliminate gaps in services and ensure continuity of services for clients amongst non-profit organizations. Michelle is also the author of, a successful web site that she designed and which includes extensive information about how to walk back to wellness through holistically improving your health.