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Discount Searcher for Car Insurances Looks for Collaborating Partners


The automotive Internet portal http://auto-betterdeals.com provides its users with a category for car insurances. As positive user feedbacks showed that users welcome the combination of car offers and insurances, the developers of auto-betterdeals.com now expand their offer in the portal’s insurance section.

Until now, Diamond, Privilege, Yes Insurance, More Than, Lloyds TSB, and AA Insurance had formed the database for the site’s bargain finder. On the pages of auto-betterdeals.com, insurance providers appear with one of their most attractive offers, so that users can find out what provider option is the appropriate for them. The offers show its characteristics, and the developers have picked out only offers that stem from each provider’s most attractive types of insurances. This way, visitors can make out at first glance which provider offers the service and the price class they are looking for.

According to the site’s development department, auto-betterdeals.com is currently searching for additional insurance providers that let the site compare their services to that of others. Thereby, the makers of auto-betterdeals.com want to deliver both a wider range of choice to consumers and the chance of promoting one of their best offers to providers. As search engine expert Ron Smith argues, the main long-term objective of auto-betterdeals.com is to unite all car insurance providers on the portal’s pages. From this strategy, Smith expects higher competition and, as a consequence, better insurance rates for consumers.

The developers are confident that many insurance providers will briefly be added to the site, since first talks with potential partners began last Friday. Currently, users can already access the presented providers’ sites by choosing the corresponding links on auto-betterdeals.com. For each link, an additional window pops up, so that offers from different providers can be reviewed simultaneously. However, despite these complex options of comparison, navigation remains user-friendly. Visitors can return to their point of departure on auto-betterdeals.com simply by closing the extra windows.

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