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eEye Enters Asia-Pacific Market with improved Internet Security Solutions

Vulnerability management leader introduces new range of Internet security solutions that will raise the bar on the competition in the Asia-Pacific market


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/20/2007 -- eEye Digital Security, a leading developer of unified client security and vulnerability management tools today announced that it will be introducing a new range of Internet security solutions that will raise the bar on the competition in the Asia-Pacific market. Previously available only in the United States and Europe, eEye Digital Security's BlinkĀ® enterprise and consumer range of products will be available for sale from today.

"Today marks a significant milestone in our company's 9 year history. With our Blink range of products winning several awards in recent years and having reached a level of maturity with Version 3.0, we are pleased to bring this product to the world's fastest-growing region: Asia-Pacific," said Kamal Arafeh, CEO of eEye Digital Security. "eEye Digital Security has invested millions in developing its unique range of products. Now used by over 9,000 companies world-wide we feel that this is the right time to introduce our products to the Asia-Pacific market as demand for comprehensive Internet security solutions is soaring."

From today, eEye Digital Security's Blink Professional Edition with Anti-virus and Blink Personal Edition with Anti-Virus will be available for sale and download for clients based in Asia-Pacific territories. Enterprises and consumers seeking leading edge Internet security solutions can look forward to enjoying the benefits of using a product, that according to the industry leading Virus Bulletin magazine, "complies with 100% detection of 'in-the-wild' viruses with zero false positives".

Designed for a range of large enterprise to small business use Blink Professional Edition is the only complete multi-layered endpoint protection solution to provide organizations with a single, low-footprint Internet security client that replaces their multiple, bloated, desktop and server security agent implementations. Blink delivers integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, application and system firewalls, patented sandbox technology, and host vulnerability assessment capabilities to protect against zero-day attacks.

Designed for home and small business use, Blink Personal Edition is the only Internet security solution available today to provide consumers with the most protection available at a fraction of the cost of other security offerings. Blink is the only client security solution to protect users' systems from viruses, spyware, phishing attempts, identity theft, and other attacks against system vulnerabilities. Blink's unique integration of technology gives users an improvement in system performance and responsiveness while protecting against zero-day attacks. Blink Personal Edition is available as a free download and to date, since its release in mid-May 2007, it has been downloaded over 23,000 times.

In competitive pre-launch sales, Blink Professional Edition has since scored multiple key customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Already, customers are looking to replace their current anti-virus solutions with Blink's unified security client, providing an improved level of Internet security. This is testament to the strength of eEye's world-class research and development team that has been cited with being the first at identifying vulnerabilities exploited by the world-famous Sasser and Code-Red worms.

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