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Ahead of the Smart Car's American Introduction and Current Smart Car Expedition

Smart Car of America Creates New Forum


Belleair, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/24/2007 -- Smart Car Forum. The forum is intended for alternative, smart devotees and automotive industry experts and was designed by a leader in automotive Internet services.

"Please know that the Smart Car forum will constantly be improving, fine tuning the categories and the forums organization, making it effortless for visitors to locate and reveal information in a timely fashion." said Ryan Pollock, new Marketing Director for Smart Car of America.

Ideas for improving the forum's design and its content has come as a result of rapid growth, development and the American public's repeated requests for actual, accurate and authentic data on intelligent and smart vehicles.

Mr. Pollock continues, "We appreciate all who have participated in our past forum and request all Smart car fans to register and contribute or merely garner the needed knowledge from our new forum. Our new Smart forum allows members the interactivity for those wishing to receive and circulate Smart and associated information."

"The innovative forum will host supplementary web sites allowing members the ability to uncover additional information, our web sites includes across-the-board content on the subject of Smart automobiles, innovative vehicles and planet friendly approaches to transportation." said S. L. Johnston, President of Smart Car of America, LLC.

Those familiar with Smart Car of America will see dramatic changes in the forum as the Smart cars become obtainable early next year.

"Smart Car of America's insight into opportunities for smart and alternative transportation is undeniable. Consumers and clients alike will benefit from being able to find all of this information in one place. Our forum will also serve as an Internet establishment for automotive distributors, advertisers, automotive web services and the public," said Ms. Johnston.

"The new forum will be an information portal, allowing for interactivity for those who wish to receive and share Smart information. The forum will encourage consumers to make informed decisions when making a purchase." states Ryan Pollock, Marketing Director.

Mr. Pollock emphasizes, "We hope our new Smart Car Forum will one day become America's online authority for all things pertaining to the smart and alternative automotive industry, and we anticipate the name Smart Car of America to be synonymous with the smart car, its history ant its future. Therefore when you think about any clever car or sensible modes of transportation you'll think of us, so please be smart and register today; as we need your input and help.”

The all new forum will serve as a free information exchange for auto enthusiasts to share opinions and information on smart new vehicles and for Smart enthusiasts to make informed decisions, discuss new developments and help keep one another informed.

About Smart Car of America

Founded in 2001, Smart Car of America was the first web site in North America dedicated to marketing the smart, alternative and innovative transportation methodology in the States. Smart Car of America has grown into one of the dominant marketing segments of its kind in North America with an expanding audience among smart, alternative, dealers and individual aficionados.