Ameraguard Sprayed Bedliners

Protect Your Investment With the Right Spray in Truck Bed Liners

Advancements in coatings and molding techniques opened the door for a great new product - the bed liner – pioneered by Ameraguard Coatings, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas.


San Antonio, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/27/2007 -- As far back as 1918 when Chevrolet introduced the first truck, the 490 Light Delivery Chassis Cowl, people have looked for ways to make their trucks last longer and look better. Beginning in the early 1990’s bed liners started to evolve. Today, Today, Ameraguard and Armaguard deliver a high-tech, eco-friendly process that utilizes hybrid formulations and various production techniques, raising the industry standard in spray-on bed liners at over 100 dealerships and growing!

Gone are the yesteryear days of replacing a truck wood bed floor with new panels to extend the life of a truck. Wooden truck beds gave way to steel truck beds due in large part to advancements in the weight and strength of steel. Advancements in coatings and molding techniques opened the door for a great new product - the bed liner – pioneered by Ameraguard Coatings, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas.

Today, Ameraguard (USA) and Armaguard (Canada) represent the automotive aftermarket as an industry leader in truck bed protection, and over the last 16 years, has emerged as one of fastest growing new U.S. brands with more than 100 dealerships across North America. Just recently, the brand surpassed the one-half million milestone in spray-on truck bed liners.

“The products available at Ameraguard USA and Armaguard Canada are raising the standard in the industry,” states Danny Rios, general manager of Ameraguard. “We are continuing to build our reputation, not just with our products but with our service and the most inclusive and unmatched warranty against cracking, peeling, warping, and chipping. The best part is that you will likely never need it!"

The Ameraguard brand has been built on a product with extreme durability due to its unique formulation of polyurethane and polyurea. The custom, hybrid Ameraguard formulation is a high-pressure material that offers the perfect combination of toughness, strength, flexibility, grip, abrasion, and cut resistance.

Low pressure spray-one brands use 100% polyurethane without any polyurea leaving the truck owner with a softer product that is more likely to gouge and tear upon use.

The world of truck bed liners began with a rigid plastic insert shell that appeared to handle the immediate task at hand – protect from dings and chips. But a closer look shows at a poorly fitting drop-in bed liner can fly-out on the road, vibrate or amplify road noise.

In addition, a drop-in plastic insert shell vibrates and moves damaging the surface underneath by scratching and removing paint so bare metal can rust. Then there’s the concern of rust and corrosion when moisture gets between the bed and liner.

Several options are available now in the world of spray-on bed liner products but they vary greatly in their application, benefits, looks and costs.

Spray-on bed liners much like those applied by an Ameraguard professional use a high-pressure protective coating such as polyurethane that is sprayed on much like paint, only thicker. When applied properly, the Ameraguard bed liner provides a durable watertight and airtight protection. The permanent bond with the surface of the bed floor and sides prohibits rust and corrosion as well as insulating against noise and vibration. Ameraguard bed liners also provide a safe, sure-footed traction when stepping into the bed, greatly reducing slip and fall injuries while using the truck at home and on the job site.

As long as people buy trucks, companies will continue to create bed liner products to improve the performance and longevity of the truck bed. Truck owners just need to be aware of which product is best for their individual needs. Here are just a few thought-provoking questions truck owners will need to answer before they set out to protect that truck bed.

1. Is there a need for maximizing grip and impact resistance?
2. Does the spray-one product offer an aliphatic liner that will maintain the color as long as any automotive topcoat?
3. Is the product environmentally-friendly?
4. Will the warranty be honored anywhere in North America?

To learn more about bed liners, go to for the USA and for Canada; or call 1-866-366-7035 (US) or 1-888-333-1311 (Canada).