Isota Announces Accuspell 2008, Real-time Universal Spell Checker for Windows


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/30/2007 -- Taking spell checking technology to a new level, Isota LLC today announced the release of AccuSpell 2008, its most innovative spell checker for Windows applications. Using cutting edge technology, AccuSpell 2008 lets users perform real-time spell checking, auto-corrections and thesaurus searches across almost all popular Windows applications. This allows a single spell checker and set of custom dictionaries to work for all applications on the user’s PC, providing the ultimate in consistent, economical, and comprehensive writing tools.

Innovative Use of Windows “Hooking” Technology
Using Windows “hooking” technology, AccuSpell 2008 is able to scan text as it appears on the screen, and perform a spelling check. This approach allows real-time checking to be done regardless of whether the on-screen text is being entered from the keyboard, or displayed from an existing file, and errors are identified with Microsoft Word-style red underlining. Corrections are then made from a set of spelling options incorporated into the application’s existing right-mouse menu, seamlessly integrating AccuSpell with the application. The right-mouse menu options include a “spell check all” feature so that the user can also perform complete checking of long documents that cannot be displayed all at once.

AccuSpell offers a range of powerful, robust capabilities, including:

· Wide range of customizable options
· Powerful suggestion engine
· Extensive editable custom dictionaries
· Auto-correction capability

“AccuSpell 2008 represents a leap forward in spell checking software,” said Mark Geigel, president of Isota. “The benefits to the user are significant - before AccuSpell, users had to install different spell checkers for individual applications, and re-enter words in each program’s custom dictionary. This resulted in extra work for the user, to say nothing of the inevitable inconsistencies between applications. With AccuSpell, all that duplicated effort and complexity is a thing of the past, and users can enjoy simple, universal spell checking.”

AccuSpell is the latest in Isota’s line of spell checking software for retail and enterprise customers, as well as developers. Isota’s current line includes a server-based product that provides cross-platform, cross-browser spell checking for Microsoft Outlook Web Access, and a web developer toolkit for adding spell checking capability to web-based applications. Future plans include a version of AccuSpell tailored to the needs of businesses, including the ability to easily create and share custom dictionaries over a network, as well as incorporating other specialized dictionaries for specific markets, such as law and medicine.

AccuSpell 2008 is expected to retail for $49.95, and will begin shipping next month.