MailFoundry Defeats New Spam Variants With No Modifications to Anti-Spam System


Green Bay, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/31/2007 -- MailFoundry, the world’s smartest anti-spam solution, today has announced that recent spam outbreaks were easily defeated by MailFoundry’s “MessageIQ” anti-spam engine with no change in source code or operating performance.

“MailFoundry is the most advanced and capable anti-spam solution on the market today which easily defeats all types of spam, even those which are constantly evolving as seen with the recent “pdf” based image spam.” said David Troup, CEO and founder of MailFoundry. “When the pdf spam outbreak occurred, MailFoundry’s anti-spam engine easily identified and defeated the spam with no additional programming. MailFoundry’s anti-spam capabilities are unmatched in the industry and the recent announcements by our competitors confirms this statement. They’ve had to re-engineer code every time a new variant of spam with payload comes out illustrating the ineffectiveness of their anti-spam engine.”

MailFoundry’s MessageIQ anti-spam engine is the email security industry’s latest generation of spam killing technology that isn’t plagued by learning heuristics, spam spoofing and image spam that easily slips past other systems. MessageIQ is the only anti-spam engine with RedListing technology that works on the network level to defeat spammer’s botnets with zero false positives and 100% effectiveness. MessageIQ identifies and defeats image spam with payloads with no increase in CPU footprint commonly found in competing anti-spam solutions that utilize OCR or other inconstant methods of spam detection.

MessageIQ does not use any heuristics or “learning” technology such as those found in popular commercial and open source based anti-spam systems. MessageIQ targets identified spam with smart anti-spam profiles. As a result, MessageIQ doesn’t guess at spam, it knows spam. This capability gives MailFoundry the highest real world kill rates with the industry’s lowest false positive rates all while operating in a hands-off mode by system administrators.

“We get letters daily from customers who have switched to MailFoundry and they’re thrilled that an anti-spam vendor does what it claims in terms of kill rates and zero false positives.” said Troup. “We set out from day one to build the most effective email security solution focussed on protecting the message at all costs. It appears that we’re the only email security vendor with that attitude in regards to our customer’s email continuity.”

MailFoundry is the leading provider of anti-spam appliances and subscription services based on smart spam profiles that protect more than twelve million email addresses world-wide. MailFoundry’s line of network appliances protect 250 to 100,000 users per unit and each come with a free 30-day trial. MailFoundry appliances start at $1299 and can be purchased world-wide by MailFoundry resellers or directly from