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Three New Wrecks Sunk in Grenada – Now 14 Wrecks to Dive

The freighter „Hildur“, the barge „Fiona“ and one Fishing boat now new dive sites!


Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2007 -- Project developer Peter de Savary and his „Port Louis“ Team cleaned out Lagoon bay at St. George’s from abandoned ship wrecks and placed them under water as new dive attractions.

The biggest of the ships is the freighter “Hildur” whose owner used it to ship scrap metal to Trinidad for recycling. During a stormy day a barge anchored next to the freighter sank right on top of the freighters anchor chain, causing it to capsize. Unfortunately there was no heavy lifting equipment available, so the half sunken wrecks were an eyesore for almost 10 years.

Now with the “Port Louis” project well underway, the clean up was necessary to make room for new docks and marina facilities and to restore the lagoon area to its former beauty. It took a few days to first lift the barge and one fishing vessel which had sunk in hurricane Ivan and than to pump out the “Hildur”. After the team got her afloat, several boats towed her to the new destination, which was chosen by local dive operators.

Almost as big as the Shakem”, the “Hildur is 60 m long and rests now in 36 m on a sandy bottom. A few fin kicks bring the diver to the wall of Grand Mal. Already at the first dives, barracudas and bar jacks as well as spade fishes were sighted around the wreck. The nutritious rich waters of Grenada soon will make it an artificial reef, overgrown with corals, tunicates and sponges. Right now a diver can explore it in its blank virgin state, even a few old freight documents were found inside the bridge; telling of cargo for Dominica consisting of stationary, testing equipment and bituminious roofing rolls.

The barge „Fiona“ and the fishing vessel were sunk right in front of famous Grand Anse Beach. Resting in a comfortable depth of 18 m, they are ideal for wreck specialty courses. The fishing vessel after being underwater for almost 3 years is already nicely overgrown with marine life and creatures such spiny lobster and spider crab have claimed it as new habitat. A large group of Caribbean squid hovers over the sight and a barracuda patrols the area.

To explore all these new and old wrecks – Grenada now has a portfolio of 14 wrecks – Aquanauts offers special wreck weeks in September and October.

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