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Lossless Way to Automatically Fix Red-Eye in a Batch of Digital Pictures


Volgograd, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2007 -- SciFusion Software announces the release of StopRedEye!, an innovative program to automatically fix the red-eye effect in a batch of images. The product operates in a lossless mode, modifying only small parts of JPEG images, and has no negative impact on the quality of processed images.

Professional photographers fight red-eye by using dedicated, big and heavy flash units that bounce light off the ceilings or walls. This is often not possible with compact digital cameras. Modern cameras are equipped with red-eye reduction modes of varying efficiency, but this technology isn't effective enough when used on small snapshot-type cameras.

It's no fun for casual shooters to spend hours fixing multiple shots. To save time and effort, SciFusion Software developed a unique product that fixes the red-eye in digital pictures completely automatically, and requires absolutely no intervention from the user.

No need to spend hours in graphic editors! No need to open pictures one by one, and manually select and fix the eyes! No degrading of pictures quality by re-saving JPEGs! StopRedEye! will do the job automatically and in the best possible way. It'll only retouch those parts of the image that need correction and won't cause the quality loss that would inevitably happen if a picture is opened in an editor and saved again in JPEG format.

Fixing red eyes in digital snapshots is as simple as selecting them and clicking 'Start Correction' in StopRedEye! The program will handle the rest - automatically. It'll take a bunch of photos, automatically detect the human faces, discover and check the eyes, and fix the eyes by giving them back their natural color.

Every time a JPEG digital picture is opened and saved in an editor the quality of the image decreases. That's inevitable with regular image editing tools due to the nature of JPEG compression. But why degrade the entire image quality when fixing just a tiny part of it? StopRedEye! implements a unique algorithm that makes the red-eye correction lossless. It extracts and retouches only the small parts of an image that contain the eyes, and does not affect the rest of the picture. Thanks to this unique feature, the image quality will not be negatively affected by StopRedEye!

SciFusion Software analyzed the StopRedEye! performance on a sample of 1200 different pictures, and is proud to publish the results of the test. StopRedEye! found and corrected red eyes in 98% of our tested samples. In 0.1% (that's one in a thousand!) of pictures it can miss here and there.

StopRedEye! is available as a free evaluation download at: