Hound.com Founder Says All Employers Should Post Their Jobs on Their Own Websites Before Advertising Them Elsewhere

Employers will have more luck finding the best job applicants if they simply post jobs on their own websites. Search engines like Hound can locate these employer web pages and save employers from having to post on crowded commercial job boards.


Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/01/2007 -- A. Harrison Barnes, the founder of Hound.com, an employment search engine that displays job listings from employer career pages exclusively, stated today that employers should post their jobs on their own websites before advertising them elsewhere. According to Barnes, employers who post their jobs online will (1) likely get more qualified applications over time and (2) save considerable amounts of money in recruiting costs in the long run.

“Because search engines like Hound, Google, and Yahoo! can search the web, employers who consistently update their career pages and have jobs on them are likely to get the most qualified applicants,” said Barnes. “This is especially true for hard-to-fill positions. When an employer puts their jobs on their website, they are effectively opening up their jobs to everyone who uses any search engine, and their jobs will also be found by passive job seekers simply investigating their particular profession on the web.”

“A job can also stay up until it is filled (and will not have to be reposted), there is no character limit, and the employer can convey through images and words what they want to about the particular job and their company. Moreover, there are so many paid job boards out there that most employers might need to advertise on three to five separate job boards to have any hope of reaching the candidates they are seeking. When an employer posts their job on their website, they are opening it up to the world.”

In addition, Barnes pointed out that it is completely free for employers to post jobs on their own websites.

Barnes believes that in the very near future, the best (and only) way for employers to advertise positions will be by simply posting notices on their websites to be picked up by search engines like Hound. Hound concentrates exclusively on showing job seekers employment listings found on employer websites.

Mary Waldron

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