Titanium-Jewelry.com Expands to International Audience

Offering Titanium Rings, Men’s Wedding Bands, Tungsten Jewelry As Part of New International Order System


Modesto, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2007 -- Titanium-Jewelry.com, a leading online retailer of titanium rings and unique titanium jewelry designs for men and women, today announced they are accepting international orders on custom and fine jewelry designs made of high grade titanium alloys.

Shoppers from around the world, looking for high quality titanium rings, necklaces, watches and many other titanium jewelry collections, can now shop online at www.Titanium-Jewlery.com. Beautiful titanium jewelry designs made for the fashion savvy man or woman can be purchased via the web and shipped domestically or internationally.

“We are very excited about this new capability for international orders,” stated Ron Yates, spokesman for Titanium-Jewerlry.com. “The sleek look and phenomenal quality of jewelry constructed of white metals has created a diverse fan base for titanium jewelry collectors worldwide. We are thrilled about the prospect of opening our doors to customers across the globe,” concluded Yates.

Titanium-jewelry.com enhanced its order processing system this month to now include shipments available to the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France and Italy among others. Titanium and tungsten jewelry is growing in popularity on a global scale. With the new international ordering system, Titanium-jewelry.com can now reach a larger audience of titanium and tungsten jewelry enthusiasts, differentiating itself from other online stores. For more information on international and domestic orders, please visit www.Titanium-Jewelry.com.

About Titanium-Jewelry.com
Titanium-Jewelry.com provides a wide selection of titanium rings and jewelry unique style for men and women. As a complement to Yates & Co Jewelers, the brick-and-mortar counterpart to Titanium-Jewelry.com, customers have relied upon receiving the highest quality products from the most respected titanium jewelry experts in the field. Titanium-Jewelry.com guarantees their jewelry is made from ultra high grade titanium alloys and provides unparalleled customer service and accessible expertise in titanium rings and jewelry, equaling the best possible online shopping experience. Founded in 1988, Titanium-Jewelry offers the best selection of custom fine jewelry with unique and original designs, antique and estate pieces plus a complete line of titanium jewelry for men and women. For more information, please visit www.Titanium-Jewelry.com.