PBXPress Communications, Inc.

PBXpress Communications Updates PBX Software with AJAX-based Operator’s Console


Coquitlam, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2007 -- PBXpress Communications, Inc. http://www.PBXpress.com/ announced today the addition of Web-based operator’s console interface to its range of recording VoIP PBX.

The new operator’s console is a convenient way for any call center or CRM operator to handle incoming and outgoing calls with a mouse using a Web browser. The console allows a call center operator to monitor users’ activities in real time, and perform typical operations.

The console displays important real-time information about extensions and active conversations, allowing the operator to see who is on the phone and which calls are connected. The operator can park a call by simply dragging a call with a mouse into the parking zone. Disconnecting, holding, and transferring calls to any extension or telephone number is just as easy and works in a similar manner. The operator has a choice of transferring any call directly to voicemail at any time by simply dragging the call onto the tape icon.

The new console is AJAX based and is completely platform independent, does not require installation of client software, and works right in the Web browser. PBXpress discloses and fully documents its API and uses XML RPC, allowing seamless integration with other call center and CRM software.


PBXpress is a modern-day cost-saving yet feature-rich replacement for traditional PBX systems. Instead of working with wires and cables, PBXpress utilizes the modern Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to transmit and record telephone calls. Save hundreds of dollars on your long-distance and international calls by utilizing the VoIP technology without sacrificing reliability! PBXpress offers the reliability of plain old telephony service. In case of Internet connectivity problems it simply starts routing your calls via the regular phone lines.

There’s something unique about PBXpress that no traditional PBX can offer. You can easily configure and operate the entire PBX from your regular Web browser. PBXpress logs every call and records any conversation dialed or received. It can store the recordings on CDs or DVDs in a format that can be played back on any computer.


PBXpress made a free demonstration version available for download. Visit http://www.PBXpress.com/live-cd-demo.htm and download the ISO image, burn it onto a CD, and follow the instructions.

As soon as you boot your PC from the PBXpress Live Demo CD, you will see PBXpress graphical user interface with an IP address displayed. Type that IP address into a Web browser on another PC to have full access to PBXpress features.

To contact PBXpress Communications, send an email to info@PBXpress.com or call 1-866-SIP-PBX1 (1-866-747-7291) Mon-Fri 11am-5pm EST (1-604-628-2559 from outside of North America).