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Cigarette Packs to Issue More Harsh Warnings

As an additional provision to the Tobacco Legislation waiting for approval in the tables of the Senate Committee, cigarette packs need to display more harsh warnings regarding the risks to our health that smoking induces. The warnings must be as graphically issued as possible in order to convey a vivid illustration of the smoker's doom. As a model, the graphic warnings being utilized in Canada and some other countries would be mimicked by the cigarette packs intended for the U.S. market.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2007 -- According to Mike Enzi, a Republican Senator, who shows opposition to the bill on cigarettes and smoking, the warnings to be issued express the truth in unquestionable terms. Nevertheless, Enzi says that the Tobacco legislation is not doing enough in order to support the programs on smoking cessations.

The amendment or addition was acknowledged as a part of the general legislation giving the FDA or Food and Drug Administration the necessary authority in regulating the market of cigarettes and most of the other products connected with tobacco. This would be the first time that the FDA would take over such regulation.

The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions considered the bill on Tobacco on Wednesday. However, they were not able to finalize their actions because of inability to form a quorum on that day. It was Thursday when they had composed a final action.

The Tobacco legislation has received wide support from the U.S. Senate. Overall, fifty Senators signed their name with it, indicating that they were co-sponsors. Edward Kennedy, a Senator for the Democratic Party claimed that they have become acceptable to the fact that it is quite essential to allow FDA the authority in regulating tobacco products. This grant of authority is necessary in order that the health crisis connected with tobacco products can be addressed effectively.

Still, some of the lawmakers addressed their opposition of the said legislation. They counteracted that the added responsibility might become an overload for the FDA, which is already busy with myriad responsibilities.

According to them, the FDA may not perform on an optimum level on such huge responsibility as tobacco products regulation. Orrin Hatch, a Republican Senator claimed that the FDA is already struggling with their current responsibilities to be able to handle the new task with efficiency. However, Hatch's proposed amendments regarding the bill, which conceals his opposition, was defeated by votes of 12 – 9.

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