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Team With Integrity

We formed a group of leaders who have exuded high standards and goals for their team members. Our name "Team With Integrity" says it all.


Springfield, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2007 -- Team With Integrity was formed to combine 3 dynamic internet-based businesses into one entity that would create highly successful Team With Integrity Associates. What can one expect of this new creation? The Team with Integrity group believes the “newbies” need one-on- one mentoring as well as sharing TWI secrets and strategies from years of internet experience.

The companies who’ve formed TWI are: P & A Business Consulting, Inc. Allen and Patti Shirk – 20 Year Licensed Instructor, CEO of various internet businesses and Patti - University of California, at Davis, School of Law Assistant Registrar, Director’s Assistant to UCDavis English Department and co-owner of Denny’s Franchise chains.

Ideal Marketing and Consultants - Pat Parshall - Pat owns and operates his own business supply company that grossed a 2.5 million budget last year and climbing. Pat had met Allen over a year and a half ago. He had dabbled in some internet businesses before he met Allen. But Pat was to achieve with Allen’s guidance a goal he thought was not possible. He was put through a series of questions which helped Allen assess Pat and lead him to generate $27,000 in a period of 3 weeks.

Mike Lamb, Money Room CEO said he “wanted to team with Allen, Patti and Pat because I have known them for a while now and find they had integrity that is found far and few between.” It was with Mike’s quip about the uncommon honesty he found in these other three individuals that lead to the formation of their combined talents and name: Team With Integrity. While Mike is very familiar with the internet and online businesses he had yet to team up with owners who’ve been in the direct sales field with the lucrative compensation plan found through this fairly young company, Passport To Wealth. In addition Mike is also an internet talk show host whose listening audience numbers a growing 500,000+ base of business minded people. “Having him on board is great,” said Allen. “I can only anticipate a future with Mike that will take us to many different roads of opportunities” Allen added.

The highly automated business, Passport To Wealth is very close to 100% automation. “But there are businesses that claim that they have a 100% guaranteed automated system. That’s dishonest to make that kind of claim,” said Allen. “A small 2% effort is needed to jump start this business into automation along with our help. That’s where our TWI group steps up and shines,” said Team With Integrity leader Allen Shirk.

“Each different owner of TWI brings a variety of skills, ideas, marketing secrets, and mentoring needed in the internet based business arena today. We are experts in helping our members achieve success. We take pride in that. The motto on our website reads, “Success is not counted by how high you’ve climbed but by how many people you brought with you.” Allen further added, “It is not about just taking their money, it’s about assisting your associates to financial success.

Patti added, “it was a lot of money to get started in their first online business and we had really needed the help – the one on one mentoring was missing for us. What is exciting to see is our guidance catapulting individuals who’ve had absolutely no experience on the internet into successful entrepreneurs. It is really quite unbelievable when you talk to some of the people who’ve only been in a month and hear the outrageous amounts of money they’ve made. They’ve been able to see their bank accounts grow quite rapidly. Passport To Wealth Associates receive 100% of the commission and not one dollar goes to corporate from the sale” said Patti “and where do you ever see that kind of offer?” she said. Patti added, “go to our website and see where corporate does earn their money. It certainly isn’t on the commission!”

With about 16 years of combined internet experience it is no wonder that Team With Integrity anticipates a highly successful career in assisting serious “newbie” entrepreneurs and seasoned marketers to achieve massive incomes through TWI assistance and Passport To Wealth.

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