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New LoPresti Hubba Hubba Cap G2 (Generation 2) Is Now Available


Vero Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/15/2007 -- There are a few things for airplanes that are simple and cool. Some times when you see a gizmo you chuckle and say "How come no one thought of that before?"

The LoPresti Hubba Hubba cap is just that kind of cool gizmo. It's not rocket surgery, just a simple update to your airplane that once you have it you will not know how you survived without it.

What is a LoPresti Hubba Hubba Cap? It is an airplane hub cap with an access door for the tires air valve. Very simple. Very LoPresti. This Hubba Hubba Cap has elegance. A simple, smooth aerodynamic shape. That in itself might be enough but what is the cool factor? We have added a flush fitting door with a 1/4 fastener to make the simple task of putting air in your airplanes tire easy. No flashing lights. It's not GPS enabled. Not voice activated. Just simply elegant......Cool.

What is different between the original Hubba Cap and the new G2 Hubba Cap? Simply put, we have updated the door. We took the suggestions from our customers and in this revision we "improved" the door that every Hubba Cap has always had. Now the G2 Hubba Cap sports a door that is much larger making air valve access much easier.

Now for a limited time owners with the original Hubba Cap can upgrade to G2 for $95 after rebates. That's nearly a 40% savings. How do you get the rebate? Buy new Hubba caps from LoPresti FBO Partners or directly through LoPresti and receive the rebate form with your order. You must return your old original Hubba caps back with the rebate form to qualify.

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