John Howard Reid

What’s happened to Wisdom? Where are the wise men of today?


Wyong, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/13/2007 -- According to Bible scholar John Howard Reid, the most important quality or virtue stressed in Bible Scripture, particularly in the Old Testament, is Wisdom.

“The Lord God loves no-one more than the man or woman who lives with Wisdom,” writes the inspired author of Wisdom of Solomon in chapter 7.

Jesus ben Sirach has this to say in chapter 1: “To love the Lord God is the root of Wisdom… Wisdom and love will turn away His anger. Our faults and sins He will remember no more.”

In Proverbs chapter 8, we read: “Absolutely nothing can compare with Wisdom… Every person that finds Wisdom finds life, and he will surely win favor with the Lord God.”

These are but three of hundreds of such Scriptural statements concerning Wisdom in the Bible. “Yet in all my 65 years attending weekly church services, never once have I heard a sermon on Wisdom. Not once! It’s a quality that preachers, both Catholic and Protestant, completely ignore, even though the Bible stresses the fact that God regards Wisdom not only as an important virtue, but as an essential.”

To prove his point, Reid has published "Bible Wisdom for Modern Times" in which he has translated and paraphrased copious extracts from ten Old Testament books, including Psalms, Proverbs, Wisdom of Solomon, Jesus ben Sirach, Tobias, Baruch, Susanna, and The Visions of Ezra. Also detailed are the famous Story of Three Wise Young Men from the Greek Ezra, and The Prayer of Manasseh. As a further bonus, five Psalms of Solomon (actually written in 63 B.C. and therefore not included in the Bible) are also rendered into modern English.

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