Hound.com Specializes Job Searches Even More by Adding Company Search Feature

Hound.com has launched a whole new way to look for jobs on its site with the recent addition of the company search feature. Now users can sift through jobs with ease by targeting the exact companies they want to work for.


Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2007 -- Hound.com has improved its search abilities yet again by adding a company search feature in addition to its keyword and location search options.

“This is a very useful tool that I think job seekers are going to use again and again throughout their job searches,” said Hound.com CEO A. Harrison Barnes. “And this is just the beginning. We’re working to attain the largest selection of companies and jobs in the world.”

Job seekers know what they want, and with this feature, they can narrow their results by only searching for jobs at the companies they want to work for. In addition, users can search company results by date, so they are guaranteed to find the most current jobs for specific companies.

Hound.com’s company search feature can bring up pages and pages of the most current jobs at a plethora of in-demand companies in a variety of industries. The usual chore of sifting through jobs to find target companies is now obsolete with this feature.

“Everyone likes to have options; that’s a fact, and this feature allows job seekers the capacity to pick and choose from thousands of employers. Now, that’s taking control of your job search,” said Barnes.

About Hound.com:
Hound.com is a Juriscape company. Juriscape was founded in January 2000 and has been helping job seekers find employment for more than seven years. Today, Juriscape has grown into an international, multimillion-dollar affiliation of more than 15 profitable companies and 500 enthusiastic employees.