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Rockwell Trading Announces General Availability of New Coaching Products for Day Traders

Trading company leverages years of successful trading experience to bring tested trading solutions to consumers.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2007 -- Rockwell Trading Inc. (, a leading provider of small-investor education and training, announced the general availability of its new Day Trading Coach packages today. The new products build on the company’s successful education portfolio and reflect Rockwell Trading’s continued commitment to its trader education philosophy -- providing real-time coaching and coaching resources that go far beyond instructional videos or tutorials for hands-on, fully-supported trading experience.

“Our success is from the wealth of knowledge and industry experience our renowned coaches bring to the table,” said Markus Heitkoetter, CEO of Rockwell Trading. “Our new product pricing brings us closer to our goal of making our trading tools and coaching resources affordable for everyone, bringing traders closer to their own financial goals, whether they are new to trading or just need a hand getting back into the game.”

Rockwell Trading Inc. provides complete coaching services to individual investors looking to improve their performance in financial markets. The expanded, flexible pricing and coaching options help customers choose only the services they need without requiring commitments to buy more.

The new Day Trading Coach (DTC) packages include affordable options like pre-recorded coaching sessions or group coaching sessions at a significant discount. These are wonderful alternatives for budget-oriented traders who want valuable, trustworthy trading guidance at a lower price than Rockwell Trading’s one-on-one coaching sessions.

”Coaching provides so much more than a traditional learning model that we had to be careful when developing our new products,” said Heitkoetter. “Our competitors offer DVD or textbooks or templates or ‘black-box’ automated strategies and we can’t be seen as a “me-too” competitor. So we have to make sure all of our products have a coaching component, a way for our customers to continually focus their energies and mindset to successful trading.”

Rockwell Trading’s New Day Trading Coach Product Lineup:

• Platinum
The Rockwell Trading flagship: proven and personalized one-on-one coaching which includes every available trading feature that Rockwell offers plus lifelong coaching support.

• Gold
Group coaching sessions, with a year of coaching support.

• Silver
A mix of group and pre-recorded coaching sessions, with 90 days of coaching support.

• Trial
Pre-recorded coaching sessions with 30 days of coaching support.

About Rockwell Trading
Rockwell Trading Inc., a financial services company based in Austin, Texas, is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Rockwell Trading currently offers two fully-supported, self-paced programs - Stock Trading Coach and Day Trading Coach. Stock Trading Coach gives individual investors the tools, resources and support to substantially improve their stock trading strategies and outcomes on weekly trades, guaranteeing a 25% return on their investment capital. Day Trading Coach enables day traders and investors with greater capital and risk tolerance to substantially improve their day trading strategies and outcomes, also guaranteeing a 25% return on investment. Established in 2004, Rockwell Trading Inc. is a privately-held company with 17 employees.