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WebAsyst LLC Improves Files Web Service With AJAX Technology

WebAsyst LLC has redesigned WebAsyst™ Files to utilize the latest AJAX technology and to include files posting feature, further enhancing the powerful WebAsyst Files functionality.


Wilmington, DE -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/17/2007 -- WebAsyst™ has redesigned WebAsyst™ Files (http://www.webasyst.net/files.html) utilizing the latest AJAX technology and giving faster exchange of data between website and servers. In summary, the technology eliminates the need to upload entire webpages when viewing folders. This results in a significantly faster and even more user friendly application.

Another powerful feature introduced in this upgrade is called file posting. Users can now create links to WebAsyst Files folders, any number of selected files, or search results. Click links to access files contained in folders. Link creation is simply a click of a button, yet it provides an opportunity for users to share files with colleagues or friends, or to place them on a blog, website, or in a newsletter.

This upgrade is the company’s most recent release in its redesign of its services to the Web 2.0 platform. WebAsyst has long led this movement, which brings simplicity and usability to customers with their powerful and elegant software. Further confirming the company’s commitment, WebAsyst is a Silver Sponsor of the Web 2.0 EXPO, to be held in Berlin, Germany, November 5-8, 2007.

When asked about this latest release, Vladimir N. Tuporshin, Managing Director of WebAsyst, commented: “We have always believed that it is essential to integrate the latest technology and innovations. This allows us to offer our customers products and services with simplicity and usability at the core.”

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