Smart Cars of America, LLC, a division of Smart Cars of America, is seeking participation, as it initiates its second North American Smart Fortwo survey.

The survey is intended to help everyone investigate accurate cost, delivery dates, available options and prices, dealer locations and other concerns regarding the car.


Belleair, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/21/2007 -- "We were fortunate to have had over 5,000 Smart fans respond to our last survey. Hopefully, this new survey can assist us better in understanding what information consumers are looking for and lacking, so we can answer their questions and fulfill our readers requirements," said S. L. Johnston, president of Smart Cars of America.

"Our new survey is basically targeted for the Smart Car buyer. However, it is also designed for those who want to simply voice their feelings and opinions regarding the Smart ForTwo's American approach, distribution and sales. Our survey site asks questions that have been set up through our new forum and other information portals." said marketing director Ryan Pollock.

Mr. Pollock continues, “By taking the survey, you can help us provide the American public with reports, essential facts, and specifics-including reviews of your test drives, dates buyers made their reservation, paid fees, actual delivery times, nearest dealerships, prices quoted and information released by smart USA and others.”

The official Smart ForTwo will be available for the U.S. in the first quarter of 2008. It will be imported by the Penske Automotive Group, Inc., the only authorized importer for the car and will be distributed in America through their division smart USA, in the first quarter of 2008. According to sources the car will not be readily available till March.

"The Smart's in-vogue reputation and an always present hype, much like the Tucker car caused in 1947, have generated significant demand for the vehicle, which only adds to the importance of this survey. We trust that the survey will allow for a better American launch and assist the U.S. driving public," a company spokesperson said.

"Once completed and data computed, the new survey results will allow consumers, businesses, and anyone conducting research to make informed decisions." said Smart Cars of America president S. L. Johnston. site is North America's first and only survey site dedicated to all intelligent cars and their American launches. Keeping everyone informed about the bona fide progression of the Smart Car and details that are not available thru normal channels.

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