Maxzzz Shares Their Completed Guide to Pillow Sizes

Pillows greatly impact the quality of sleep. But finding the right size pillow for sleep is trivial. Maxzzz hopes to foster profound sleep on a global scale and shares a detailed guide on finding the right size pillows.


Nice, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2021 --Pillows are an important part of beds. Besides serving the purpose of being decorative, they also offer comfort when people rest their back to sit or head to sleep at night. Pillows greatly impact the quality of sleep. They help in aligning the neck with the spine and the remaining body. Sleeping in a good posture with a pillow ensures the person wake up without any neck pain, headache, pain in the backbone, etc. Thus, finding the right size pillow for sleep is trivial. Maxzzz shares a detailed guide on finding the right size pillows.

Pillow Dimensions
There are five basic sleeping pillows, and each one has a different dimension. Here is a list of these five pillows along with their dimensions:

Standard Size Pillow
A standard pillow measures 20 inches x 26 inches (51 cm x 56 cm). This is the regular and most common size of pillow used by people. People who sleep on their stomach, on their side, or on their back and don't often change their sleep position in the night should use a standard pillow. Excessive tossing and turning or changing sleep positions may cause the pillow to slide off from beneath the neck and cause neck pain in the morning. A standard size pillow fits comfortably across double beds and twin beds. They also look ok on Queen size beds, but someone may require more than two pillows to cover the width of a King size bed.

Super Standard Size Pillow
A super standard size pillow is a bit lengthier than a standard size pillow. They measure 20 inches x 28 inches (51 cm x 71 cm). Basically, they have a few extra inches added to their length, but their width is the same as the standard size pillow. This pillow works well for sleepers that like to move a bit or change a few sleep positions at night. These pillows are great for twin beds as they don't leave any gap. They also sit well on twin beds. Queen size and standard size pillow covers fit well on these pillow dimensions.

Queen Size Pillow
Queen-size pillows measure 20 inches x 30 inches (51 cm x 76 cm). If you want to give alleviate the look and comfort of a smaller bed then, queen-size pillows give that luxurious feel. These pillows are best for restless sleepers as they support their shoulders and keep the body comfortable. Like their name, they fit wonderfully on Queen size beds. Queen size pillow covers would best fit for these dimension pillows.

King Size Pillow
A king-size pillow dimensions are 20 inches x 36 inches (51 cm x 92 cm). Although there are many active sleepers who like to use king-size pillows as they are longer and don't slip off, they may not be ideal for sleeping because they can impact one's posture. But these definitely work well for those who like to work on the bed or read a storybook before sleeping. They are great to rest the back. King size pillows are great for Californian King size and King size beds. If someone would place them on Queen size bed, then there may not be any space left between the two pillows. Can also use decorative pillows or other smaller size pillows and lay them according to their size – it gives a nice lift to the smaller pillows. King size pillow covers fit well on these pillows.

Body Pillow
A body pillow will generally measure 20 inches x 54 inches (51 cm x 137 cm). But they may vary in sizes, and they can be customized too. Body pillows are great for people who sleep on their sides. Since they are long, they offer spinal support and easily curve to fit the shape of the body. These pillows are great for pregnant women as it keeps them from rolling on to their back or stomach. Sleeping sideways is recommended during the pregnancy. They are often used as decorative pillows too. There are special pillow covers that are available for body pillows.

How to measure a pillow?
Having the knowledge of measuring a pillow allows people to understand the exact dimensions they require in a pillow. It basically assists people in getting the exact pillow size they want. Pillow measurements are also important for purchasing the right size pillow covers. Here is how to measure a pillow in the right way:

-Pillows cannot be measured using a ruler because they are 3D. People would require using retractable tape or a measuring tape. The latter would be a more comfortable choice because it may be difficult to hold a retractable tape in its place.

-Pillows come with a top and a bottom. Most people don't realize this because they seem to be round on both sides. Must locate the bottom of the pillow to be able to measure the exact size. Look for the seam that is sticking out from the rest. If the pillow has some detailing on the out, then look for an overlapping seam. This seam side is the bottom of the pillow and the opposite side is the top.

-The distance from the top to the bottom should be measured first – this is the height pillow. Make sure to have zero on the top seam and then take the measuring tape to the bottom seam. The number that gets on the bottom is the height.

-Width is the measurement taken from left to right. Keep zero on the left seam and take the measuring tape to the right on the seam. Record the number just as did for the height.

-The height is written first, and width comes second. So, for instance, if the height measurement is 20 inches and the width is 30 inches, then the dimension of the pillow should be written as 20 inches x 30 inches or 20" x 30" or 51 cm x 76 cm.

Which size of pillows do people need?
When it comes to picking a comfortable pillow for sleep, there are different factors that should be considered, including:

-Height and weight

-Body frame

-Sleep position(s)

-If people have any physical condition such as backache or neck pain

Once understand the requirement considering the above points, people will be able to determine the best pillow size for you. You can go through the above pillow size dimensions and other features mentioned above in this article and then pick one that will help you get a good night's sleep!

Maxzzz pillows
Sleep is significant for good overall health. Getting adequate rest at night rejuvenates the body and prepares it for a new hectic day. Pillows happen to play an integral role in helping you get good sleep at night. Maxzzz looks forward to offering comfort to customers so they can wake up well! Durable and extra breathable pillows of various dimensions will help people get restful sleep.

Maxzzz pillows are comfortable and relaxing
Maxzzz Pillows for Sleeping – This set of pillows is filled with microfiber, which is an alternative to high-quality down. The covering material is hypoallergic, breathable, and safe for your skin. Pillows are made with revolutionary technology to make sure that the spine is well-supported when people are asleep. The premium-grade filling retains the bounce and fluffiness for a long time.

Maxzzz Bamboo Fiber Pillows – The covering material for this pillow is made of organic and natural bamboo fiber. This makes the pillow cover odor-resistant, breathable and hypoallergic. The pillow covers can easily be washed in the washing machine with cold water.

Maxzzz Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow – This pillow is made with special foam that has ventilated holes in them along with cooling gel particles. It has been designed to draw excess heat from the body when sleeping and keep the temperature maintained overnight. The foam is extremely comfortable and gently curves to take the shape of the neck and head.

About Maxzzz
For over 38 years, Maxzzz has helped people all around the world get more restorative sleep. By providing customers with expertly engineered sleep products, Maxzzz hopes to foster profound sleep on a global scale. Mattress by mattress, topper by topper, pillow by pillow, Maxzzz is sharing the joy of good sleep for the greater good.