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Parents Cautioned by U.S. Government As to Cough and Cold Medications for Children

Parents all over the United States is cautioned by the government to avoid giving cough and cold medications to their children especially those under 2 years old without doctor's prescriptions. This warning has been part of general review regarding the cough and cold medicine products' effectiveness and safety for children.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/05/2007 -- On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration or FDA declared that its committee in charge of Nonprescription Drugs Advisory would be having a meeting on October 18 – 19 in order to discuss the children's use of medicines for cough and colds. This announcement is given amidst the many questions regarding the benefits and risks of the cough and cold drugs catering to youngsters.

Until then, the FDA gave out a public health advisory citing the dangerous effects of such nonprescription medicines for cough colds, especially linked to children 2 years old and younger. The adverse results are usually due to the children having received too large doses of these kinds of medications.

According to the FDA advisory, parents must carefully follow the directions of use given along with the medication.

Here are the other recommendations stipulated in the advisory:

- Do not let children under the age of two take cough and cold drugs without specific prescription or direction by a doctor.
- Do not provide children with medications that are made and packaged specifically for adults. Use only those products marked with "pediatric" use since these, are the ones made for use of infants, babies or children.
- Medicines for the treatment of cough and colds are usually packaged in different dosages or strengths. If uncertain regarding the right product to use for a child, consult a doctor first.
- If there are other medicines being administered to a youngster, even if it is an over-the-counter drug or prescription, the health care provider of the child must first review and give approval of the combined usage.
- The package labels of every medicine have an account of the "Drug Facts." The information contained in this label must be read carefully to be aware of the active ingredients present in the drug and its warnings.
- For medicines that come in liquid form, it is important that parents use a measuring device packaged along with every medicine formulation. It is marked in order to deliver the recommended dosage, accurately.

It is unadvisable to use a kitchen tablespoon or teaspoon, which are not accurate and appropriate measuring device.

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