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Extension of Social Security's QDD to All States

As Proposed by Commissioner Michael J. Astrue


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2007 -- Presently, the said process is operating in region of Boston comprising several states namely, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine and Connecticut.

The QDD process involves a predictive model that analyzes several definite elements of records contained in the electronic file of claims. Its function is to identify certain claims where data collated produce a high potentiality that the applicant is indeed disabled.

Additionally, it also identifies date where there is evidence that the claimants' contention can be obtained, easily and quickly.

According to Commissioner Astrue, “At my confirmation hearing, I promised to look closely at the disability changes we were testing in New England and implement nationally those things that were working well."

Furthermore, he enthused that, "we have seen the success of the QDD model in identifying cases that are most likely to be allowed. To date, 97 percent of the cases identified have been decided within 21 days and the average decision time is 11 days. We plan to build on the success of QDD by expanding it to all States because it is both efficient and compassionate for us to do so.”

As of the present circumstances, the Social Security Administration receives an annual count of 2.5 million or more fresh disability cases. The QDD cases being handled in the Boston area is presently constituting a little less than 3% of all the new cases being handled. This is because the model cannot as yet gather wide variety of diseases enough to handle most of the cases.

Astrue has already given a commitment to expand the number of medical cases that can be decided using the model. The purpose is to make the turn out as high as possible while maintaining the level of accuracy.

Furthermore, Astrue said that he is committed to finding a process that is both fair and speedy as much as possible. As of now, Astrue gives great mind on the fact that the period many people spend waiting for the decision on their disability claim is unacceptable. Thus, their pursuance for newer and better systems and processes to improve their service on greater scale.

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