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Using Ignition Interlocks for Repeat DUI Offenders Urged by NHTSA

Nicole Nason, National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator, considered as the country's top official with regards to highway safety issues, called the attention of prosecutors and judges concerning issue of drunk driving repeat offenders.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2007 -- The said recommendation made by Administrator Nason happened during a meeting that took place in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. National safety advocates, court professionals, judges and manufacturers of safety equipment discussed the function of "alcohol ignition interlocks" in significantly reducing the fatalities connected with repeated violations of drunk driving policies.

According to Administrator Nason, "We need to expand the use of interlock technology in order to prohibit drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel again and again. It is vital that judges and prosecutors employ all the tools at their disposal to ensure that repeat offenders don’t have the opportunity to cause harm.”

Furthermore, Administrator Nason stated that prosecutors and judges have significant roles in boosting the highway traffic safety. This is by imposing increased usage of the technological advances presented by ignition interlocks as penalty for offenders of drunk driving laws.

She further noted that the current annual data on the use of interlocks is with around 100,000 driving while intoxicated or DWI cases. However, they could only be used in around 20% of this number of cases.

She also added that this kind of measures are essential seeing as fatalities involving drunk driving case have gone to a stand still. The 13,470 fatalities that happened in crashes during 2006 have involved at least on motorcycle operator or driver with a .08 or above Blood Alcohol Concentration. In comparison, this number is lower than in 2005 with 13, 582 fatalities.

Nason declared that it is objectionable for them to be allowing identified drunk drivers to hit the road without giving protection to careful and responsible drivers.

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