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Loving & Raising Asia: New Book Recounts Experiences of a Black Couple Adopting & Raising a White Child in the Deep South

“Loving & Raising Asia” is a true story of love without boundaries and love that prevails over bigotry, hatred, and malice.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/04/2007 -- In "Loving & Raising Asia: Black Parents With a White Child in the South," Author J. Denise Cromwell gives an intimate look into the lives of a courageous black, southern couple who possessed enough love to see through the complicated entanglements of race in America to offer their love to a white infant in 1991. This is a redeeming story of supreme love, faith, dedication, and role reversal- that a black family would have the courage to raise a white child in the deep south of South Carolina despite the fear of rejection and racial intolerance.

This is a true story of a woman who becomes unable to conceive after three failed pregnancies and grows desperate at her inherent urge for motherhood that it was only natural for her to look to adoption as a practical option. But she finds that even in adoption there was an unexpected surprise when her adopted bi-racial baby turns out to be Caucasian. She learns that the young white birth mother used the classic culprit by claiming her pregnancy was a result of her being raped by a black man.

J. Denise Cromwell's story is one of courage, change, and inspiration. She had the courage to trust in love and overcome the fear of rejection. Her story is a living testimony to how far racial tolerance has improved and the positive direction it is headed in. However, everyday is a work in progress towards complete harmony among us. Her story is an inspiration to other women in similar situations and to everyone having to battle with their own struggles. The message in this true story is that love prevails over all forms of bigotry, hate, or malice.

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"Loving & Raising Asia: Black Parents With a White Child in the South" by J. Denise Cromwell
ISBN: 0615145736
235 pages/$15.95
Release date: August, 28, 2007
Distributed by: Baker & Taylor and J.D. Crom Publishing (http://www.LovingandRaisingAsia.com)

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