Going the Extra Mile: Mobile Marketing Means Mobile Business Opportunities That Save Time, Money for Corporate Clients

The pool of marketing dollars available to any given company is a finite one. Every dollar, once spent, cannot be un-spent.


Indianapolis, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2007 -- How far can a marketing budget really go? This is the question that drives one Indianapolis-based company—a question that drives business in ways that could pay big dividends for corporate clients.

EventPro Services, Inc. provides end-to-end mobile marketing solutions—self-contained, custom-themed marketing vehicles and turnkey programs integrated into corporate and trade show marketing efforts—that create mobile business opportunities for companies willing to go the extra mile.

“Every marketing dollar, once spent, cannot be un-spent,” says EventPro Services, Inc. President Bob Irvin. “Mobile marketing allows our customers to create a custom-fit message that literally goes wherever they need it to go, creating a mobile business platform that can oftentimes pay for itself.”

Irvin cites three benefits that make mobile marketing make sense: Reallocation, Integration and Sponsorship. “Reallocating monies dedicated to less successful programs is a way to create a more permanent, sustainable, and truly mobile marketing effort. Integrating current messaging with mobile marketing extends a brand message and creates a mobile business platform. And,” Irvin adds, “sponsorship opportunities from vendors or co-op partners can help to defray costs and oftentimes provide an additional revenue stream.”

In addition, mobile marketing provides a way to avoid costly shipping, and the time and expense of set-up and tear-down at corporate events, sales presentations and trade shows—all while placing prospects and customers into an environment that is completely dedicated to the brand, the business, the message.

“It’s really mobile business at its best,” Irvin claims, “because mobile marketing gets your message to where you specifically need it to be—when you need it to be there.”

EventPro offers build-to-suit start-to-finish construction of mobile marketing vehicles, as well as a significant inventory of existing pre-owned vehicles that can be repurposed for new use. In addition, they are fully capable of handling end-to-end event management for virtually any sized company, freeing up corporate representatives for invaluable face time with customers. For more information about mobile marketing and mobile business solutions , visit www.eventpro.com.

A leader in the mobile marketing and event management industry for over a decade, EventPro Services, Inc. has become synonymous with mobile marketing tours, customized-trailer construction and leasing plans.