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Electronics Line Usa Releases Infinite: a Wireless Security Alarm Panel for the Future

Infinite is a feature-packed and expandable 32 zone wireless alarm & control panel for residential and light commercial use.


Boulder, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2007 -- Electronics Line USA announced the US release of a new 32-zone wireless alarm and control system called Infinite (pronounce infinity). The Infinite fits within a new class of product which is a step above the traditional alarm panel, offering a rich set of features such as two-way voice, home automation and centralized administration.

The wireless modular panel is self-contained with a built-in keypad and two-way voice capabilities. Additional features can be added at any time due to its modular design allowing snap-in upgrades.

The panel works with a wide array of wireless devices including door and window contacts, motion detectors including pet-immune versions, glass break detectors, high or low temperature sensors, water, smoke and a variety of other sensors.

In addition, the panel offers keyfobs, wireless keypads and a variety of remote control options for both the panel and the home automation capabilities. It even offers a wireless siren/strobe which makes installation in difficult areas extremely simple. The Infinite allows a homeowner to speak with children or an aging parent who may be home alone making it suitable for applications such as eldercare or monitoring latchkey kids. Two-way voice enables instant communication between parties during an event or at the request of either party. The wireless pendant can summon immediate help or assistance. X-10 is supported and can be used to remotely control lights and appliances.

Dealers and service providers will enjoy ease of deployment due to the simple installation and the centralized management and reporting applications. Infinite was designed with the service provider in mind and provides a rich suite of management applications and tools.

“The extensive standard features of the Infinite are what make it unique.” commented Mike Davis, general manager at Electronics Line USA. “The solution effectively balances rich features with a price everyone can afford.” added Davis.

The Infinite is being released in three different versions which include Infinite, Infinite Prime and Infinite Broadband which is schedule for release at the end of 2007. All versions provide the capability for built-in cellular backup.

This US release follows the Infinite’s European debut which has already resulted in the sale of tens of thousands of units overseas.

About Electronics Line USA.
Electronics Line USA is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of cutting-edge digital video recorders, as well as professional security cameras, and wireless and wired burglar alarm systems for the residential, commercial and industrial security markets. Since the company’s inception in 1987, EL-USA has provided the security industry with technologically advanced, well-designed and reliable security communication products.

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