Rockit Coaching - Karen Vizer

Rockit Your Life ebook Now Available to the Public

Author Karen Vizer goes beyond "The Secret" to awaken true consciousness


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2007 -- “Happiness and fear are our biggest motivators”, says Karen Vizer, author of the newly released ebook, Rockit Your Life. She continues, “too many of us have been lulled into dumbing down our capacity to be better, and we’ve become complacent about our lot in life.” Dr. Vizer’s new book, Rockit Your Life, goes beyond The Secret to bring readers the tools, processes and awareness they’ve been searching for.

The core of Rockit Your Life is a 7-step program that helps each reader create their own strategy for setting clear intentions and realizing them, and for permanently removing the self-sabotaging pitfalls that have kept them down. Using her program, The Rockit Method™ of Consciousness Shifting, Dr. Vizer takes readers on a journey into their deepest selves to fully embrace the Law of Attraction as it was meant to be used.

Dr. Vizer’s passion for helping as many people as possible realize their potential is the driving force behind this independently published book. And, because her passion is grounded in the philosophically sound, centuries old teachings of spiritual awareness, Rockit Your Life is the only book available today that offers readers the real tools and processes to increase the resonance with which we live our lives.

As co-founder of Rockit Coaching, Dr. Vizer uses her groundbreaking work in the field of mental conditioning to help clients break personal habits and eliminate the fears that keep them from realizing their most desired dreams. Rockit Your Life is the first in a series of books resulting from her work with clients during which they reawakened their sense of joy, peace and purpose which led to the fulfillment and achievement of their highest goals.

Rockit Your Life can be purchased by visiting Rockit Coaching Group. The cost is $39 US and includes three free bonuses that compliment the Rockit Your Life plan along with the hard-copy version of the ebook.