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Nine Tax Settlements Save Clients More Than $255,000

Nine taxpayers collectively get more than a quarter of a million dollars in tax debt reductions in just one month.


Columbia, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2007 -- FSI Tax, a Maryland-based tax resolution company, broke its own record when its ninth Offer in Compromise (OIC) was accepted by the IRS within just 30 days.

These settlements include three tax debts settled for one percent, with the average settlement of 21 percent. Overall, the clients saved a total of $255,065 of the combined $324,000 tax liability.

“We know firsthand how complicated and difficult it can be to secure successful OICs for taxpayers, and we are very proud of these accomplishments,” said Managing Authorized Taxpayer Representative Heather Thomas. “But these successes are more than just impressive figures; these are our clients, real people who we were able to help.”

Thomas described several clients she was especially overjoyed to help, including a senior who was facing a $16,000 past due tax debt. FSI Tax representatives were able to secure a settlement without difficult negotiations. In the end, she was liable for only $1,525.

Not all cases were as easy. The IRS accepted FSI Tax’s offer of $5,000 to settle another client’s $45,000 tax debt, but only after extended negotiations. This client, a carpenter, earned little money and was unable to pay the full amount of the debt. FSI Tax representatives had a difficult time convincing the IRS that his wife, who earned more and owned several assets, was not liable for his debt.

“Every case presents a unique challenge, but we have the understanding necessary to help qualified taxpayers,” said Thomas.

Many taxpayers burdened with overwhelming tax debt hope to qualify for the IRS’s OIC program, but few are eligible due to strict IRS guidelines. Furthermore, the process involves complicated paperwork, detailed financial analysis and recurring negotiations that often take up to six months to conclude.

About FSI Tax Corp.:
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