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Debt Settlement Company Fine-Tunes Projections

Clients looking for accurate debt settlement projections now have a place to go:


Columbia, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2007 -- Debt Shield, a Maryland-based debt settlement company, this week implemented custom-developed software that significantly improves settlement projections debt consultants quote to new clients.

Debt Shield now bases settlement projections on real, in-house data from previous settlements and the individual track records of different creditors.

“We can specifically tailor projected settlements not only to individual clients, but to each one of our clients’ enrolled accounts,” said Debt Shield President John Gourdin. “Our clients get more realistic projections and will be more satisfied with the program when it meets or exceeds their expectations.”

Before committing to a debt settlement company, Gourdin urges debtors to ask if the company quotes generic settlement projections or if they offer variable settlement projections based on each client’s individual creditors.

“Our projection varies from creditor to creditor and is based on our settlement history with each creditor,” explained Gourdin. “We work with these creditors on a daily basis and we have a good idea how much each creditor is settling for at the present time.”

Gourdin said Debt Shield is proud to be able to provide clients with fact-based settlement projections, something not every debt relief company is able to do.

“Some companies can only offer clients a general settlement range if they do not have the software to provide individualized settlement projections,” said Gourdin. “We stand behind our settlement rate projections because they are realistic, attainable and a great deal for qualified debt settlement clients.”

About Debt Shield:
Debt Shield, Inc., is a debt settlement company dedicated to helping consumers resolve their unsecured debt through mutually agreeable and discounted lump sum settlements in consideration of legitimate financial hardships. By helping consumers avoid bankruptcy, Debt Shield provides a service for both debtors and creditors. For more information about Debt Shield, call 1-888-397-7546 or visit the website at