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Free Health Podcasts Provide Weight Loss Tips and Nutrition Facts on All Natural Foods


Mesa, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2007 -- Now, anyone can have the Hollywood secrets to fitness and free weight loss tips with health podcasts by a professional actor. Cliff Smith works hard at staying in shape for the camera, and in the free health podcasts he shares his fitness habits online. Topics available for audio download so far include Vitamin Water, alkaline foods, Ph balance, and why all natural foods are important for health and fitness. Hosted by this screen actor and former morning radio personality, these health podcasts are now available for free download at and more will be online soon.

As many people search for that magic weight loss tip, these free health podcasts are an easy way to pick up some useful information about living well with a healthy balanced diet. Cliff Smith, a twenty-seven year veteran of radio and television, understands this need. that is why he is making his health and weight loss tips available for free. These online podcasts might be compared to short, informative radio talk shows, but anyone can listen to them at their convenience on an I-pod or PC with MP3 audio.

In one podcast, Cliff asks the question, "Is Vitamin Water A Health Drink"? He begins by suggesting that people who drink vitamin water and think they are consuming a health drink might also believe that cotton candy is healthy fat free food. Discussing the small print on a bottle of kiwi-strawberry vitamin water, Cliff goes into more detail. "The first thing to notice", he points out, "is that this drink is the color of pink cotton candy. Next, notice what's missing from the ingredients list, not one mention of kiwi or strawberry, only natural flavor, which could be MSG". He goes on to reveal that the ingredients in vitamin water are mostly water, sugar and isolated vitamins, suggesting that the health benefits are similar to that of drinking liquid cotton candy.

The free health podcasts are entertaining because Cliff is a professional voice actor who brings the story to life with a smooth, robust voice. The audio quality of each podcast reveals the benefits of a professional voice in a professional recording studio. Cliff Smith has worked as a radio personality in Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia and Phoenix. He now operates a full time recording studio called and works on camera for movies and television. His screen credits include BBC documentaries, feature films, plus numerous corporate presentations. His various character voices have been used in video games, cartoons and television commercials.