How to Avoid America’s #1 Health Problem (and Sicko Health Care System)

Announcement of a new website just launched. MESICS™ targets America’s #1 health problem—stress—with next generation science-based solutions. MESICS™ trains people to prevent illness and protect their quality of life from the devastating affects of toxic stress hormones.


West Boxford, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/07/2007 -- Just launched MESICS™ targets America’s #1 health problem—stress—with next generation science-based solutions. MESICS™ trains people to prevent illness and protect their quality of life from the devastating affects of toxic stress hormones.

Boston, Massachusetts, September 5, 2007. Dr. Jim Manganiello and Wanda Stevens, R.N., LMHC launch MESICS™ at in response to the consistent evidence that stress not only makes life miserable, but also cuts it short. MESICS™ trains people to prevent illness, regain control of their lives, and live longer and better—by turning off the leaky faucet of toxic stress hormones seeping into their blood and tissues.

Manganiello, clinical psychologist and medical psychotherapist, and Stevens, registered nurse, medical psychotherapist and women’s health expert, are a husband and wife team. Both have worked with stress-related psychological and medical problems since the 1980’s. They founded and co-directed the New England Mindbody Institute for 14 years. Where they pioneered the integrated use of behavioral medicine, deep psychological work and meditative practice to prevent, treat and reverse stress-driven health and life problems.

MESICS™ is an acronym for Mens Sana In Corpore Sano, a Latin phrase meaning—A Sound Mind in a Healthy Body. “Body-only views are obsolete”. “They’re wrong like flat earth views were wrong—we now know better”, said Dr. Jim Manganiello.

“Yet these outdated views still govern much of our health care system.” “Studies show that mind and body are not two separate things, they’re an interdependent unit—the mindbody. “Chronic stress is a vicious cycle mindbody event”. “We worry and a part of our brain mistakes that worry as actual danger”. “And so it releases hormones to prepare us to face danger”. “Which makes us worry more”. “Which releases more hormones and so on and on and on”. “The evidence is that over time this takes a serious toll,” added Manganiello.

Acknowledging the same evidence, the World Health Organization proclaimed stress as America’s #1 Health problem. “Stress takes a terrible toll on the nation's health and economy. It is a heavy contributor to heart disease, cancer, respiratory distress, lupus and many other life threatening illnesses”, according to MESICS™ advisor, preeminent medical scientist, and President of the American Institute of Stress, Dr. Paul Rosch.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that stress is just feeling frazzled or burnt out. But it’s really the stress hormones that are the issue. The danger is that in our fast paced life, our mindbody’s mechanisms for coping with short-term danger get triggered too often. That’s why up to 90% of visits to family physicians today are for stress-related problems.

“Stress hormones continue to wash through the system in high levels, never leaving. And so the stress response that once gave ancient people the speed and endurance to escape life-threatening dangers runs constantly in many modern people and never shuts down”, said Drs. Chrousos and Gold, Senior National Institute of Health Scientists.

New research shows that stress hormones also contribute significantly to anxiety, depression, and weight problems. “Women often get caught in a vicious cycle of stress hormones, they drive a lot of PMS and menopause problems, including hot flashes, depression, insomnia, mood swings and weight gain.” “A woman learn how to prevent and control these problems—without risky medication, ”, said Wanda Stevens, co-director of MESICS™.

Of the 2.2 trillion dollars spent on health care in America only 4% went to preventing illnesses. America’s health care system is really a sick-care system. People get sick first and only then do they get treated. They get expensive and often dangerous “treatment” for problems that could have been prevented in the first place. The risks are high. Which is why doctors and hospitals are the third leading cause of death in America, according to a study published in the JAMA by Dr. Barbara Starfield, of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

The MESICS™ launch targets stress with knowledge, tools and support aimed at preventing America’s #1 Health Problems—stress. MESICS Training™ aims to prevent stress hormone-related health and life problems. MESICS™ selectively uses carefully developed and tested science-based methods. Methods developed to empower people to short-circuit the unnecessary release of stress hormones at their source. And to flush them out of their blood and tissues, so they don’t linger and cause harm. Sign up for MESICS highly praised 5 day E-course called “How To Avoid America’s #1 Health Problem – STRESS” for free at their website