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Dial4News Technology Launched

Affordable Phone Answering Service System Delivers Automated, Continuous News


Chicago, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2007 -- Regardless of technological change, the basics remain the same - all communications are filtered by the five senses of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. No small wonder that American business spends billions every day targeting the senses. And, the rules for reaching those senses are changing dramatically.

The Internet now controls the "eyeballs" and is the media of choice, rapidly overtaking print media in reaching millions instantly. On the other end of the spectrum, touching, tasting and smelling are only possible "in person," based on physical contact.

What's left? The ear. Telephone and radio are the most important "ear" technologies and have remained essentially unchanged during the past century. However, these two devices are converging. For example, radio listeners must either wait to hear their news or call specific sources and request an update. The internet provides broadcasts expanding to radio and similar devices (e.g., podcasting) with more specific choices. However, the telephone is still the preferred media choice for very specific, targeted information and has the largest audience.

What about situations for news broadcasts on-demand by simply making a phone call? Weather and traffic reports, interest rates, stock/bond prices are just some examples of very specific information that is regularly updated. Only the largest organizations such as airlines and governmental agencies can afford to operate sophisticated phone operating systems for handling updates.

Dial4News technology is bridging the gap between the telephone and radio newscast by using affordable PC technology and off-the-shelf hardware/software solutions. Businesspeople and technology experts have teamed together and designed a breakthrough method of automating news delivery by the Internet and telephone. This patent-pending process is based on applying voice recognition technology with current market data and sending such a sound files to telephone answering services and switching stations.

Dial4News technology and research are sponsored by The Real Estate Capital Institute. The Institute's research director, Nat Zvislo, notes "We're excited by such a technology and use it for updating interest rates and mortgage data for commercial real estate professionals. Zvislo adds, "We are exploring the use of this technology for stock and bond market updates. In other words, any news that's worth a phone call."

To hear Dial4News technology in action, call the Institute's Toll-free, commercial mortgage Rateline at 1-US-RATE-WATCH (1-877-283-9282). The Institute's phone website is