A Good Alternative to Scheduling Your Tasks With the Computer by Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05

Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05 allows your computer, among other things, to resume from hibernation, wake up from sleep mode, run task schedules and shutdown at a specified time completely automatically. By delegating the day-to-day responsibilities to the simplistic Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05, you can focus on crucially important tasks.


HuaiJi, Guangdong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2007 -- Lifsoft today announces the release of Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05, which automatically executes routine administrative tasks, such as resuming from hibernation, waking up from sleep, opening files, playing music, record or playback keyboard/mouse macro, running or closing programs, opening websites, showing messages, hibernating, rebooting and shutting down.

The highlight of Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05:

Resume from power-off state - Auto Poweron & Shutdown allows you to auto-start up your computer to work at a specified date and time, even if the system was stopped in hibernation.

Wake up from sleep mode - Auto Poweron & Shutdown allows you to wake up your computer from sleep mode (s3 standby) at specified time.

Task Schedule - Auto Poweron & Shutdown allows you to open files, play sounds, run programs, close programs, open website, show messages, standby/hibernate, shutdown/reboot, etc. at any specified time.

Auto Shutdown - This is a feature of Auto Poweron & Shutdown that you may find useful. It allows your computer to auto-shutdown at specified time.

Keyboard/Mouse Macro - Record to scripts and playback that you type with the keyboard and move and click with the mouse, a useful feature for such as TV record, supports Windows Vista 64bit.

With Auto Poweron & Shutdown, you can have more fun in your life. Wake up every morning at the sound of your own favorite music. Go to your office to find that your computer has already been turned on for you. And when you leave to go home, the program helps you close the computer so it doesn't wear off...

Price and Availability
Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05 runs under Microsoft Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ VISTA. You can order the application right away and the company will provide the registration code within a few minutes. Additional information on Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05, as well as its free trial version is available from

NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information about Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.05. Contact Lifsoft! Team at to get more information. A registration key is available upon request to all editors considering a review.

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