Why Intuition is Winning New Respect As a Smart Business Skill

Author of hot new business book shows business and professional people how to unleash their intuition ting!


Mississauga, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2007 -- Arupa Tesolin believes that using intuition more in business can generate a lot of value with surprising little effort. "Intuition is easy," she says. "It's just our thinking that gets in the way. People today stand to learn more from what they don’t know, than from what they already know." A high knowledge level can actually impede creative breakthroughs, many of which show up first in the form of intuition.

Arupa is the author of ting ! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better (by Wisdom Tree Publishing, ISBN: 81-8328-045-5) now available at bookstores in Canada & the US.

ting! is Arupa's word for the sound of intuition striking a receptive mind. It represents an intuitive response, a sudden realization or a quiet sensation that suggests there's more to know.

The business appeal of this book is that it shows how to connect the invisible dots between someone who experiences an intuitive insight and creates tangible business result. ting ! is a conversation starter about intuition in the workplace. It represents a business case that your colleagues or manager can relate to which legitimizes intuition and its bottom-line significance. The book goes on to list Starter Steps that companies can take to develop intuition skills at work which have a positive impact on performance, productivity diversity and innovation.

Arupa conducts training programs in intuition and innovation skills and shows people how they can Unleash Their Intuition ting ! Power & shows them:

• how to assess their intuition response
• how to develop & use your intuition smarts at work
• quick intuition tools to get instant insight
• how men & women differ in using intuition in the workplace
• why intuition is a powerful “ice-breaker” for team empowerment & diversity
• 3 great ways to link intuition to your Innovation Strategy

Credentials: Arupa is a Speaker and Innovation Consultant who owns Intuita, a company that provides learning that inspires people to create. She provides classroom-based Innovation Training & Management/Employee Development Programs. She is the author of more than 100 internationally published business articles and has been an invited guest on over 30 North American Radio programs, a WTN-aired documentary on Intuition in Business and a recently televised National Talk Show.

Contact: Arupa Tesolin, 905.271.7272