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Tiger's Season Ending Performance Shows He Has Mastered Ben Hogan's Secret.

"Hogan's secret has finally resurfaced in the world's greatest golfer, Tiger Woods," says Tracy Reed, Golf Biomechanic, Coach, and Author of Golf Swing Control, the course that explains the secret and shows golfers how to use it for their own games.


Jacksonville, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/18/2007 -- Tiger Woods is often asked about his incredible focus on the golf course. His answer? Strong fundamentals. You may wonder how the greatest golfer in the world today can credit laser focus to the fundamentals of the golf swing.

Remember Ben Hogan? He too had incredible focus. He too had a firm grip on the fundamentals of the golf swing. Did they ever really discover his secret? Is it possible that Tiger possesses the same secret?

The answer is YES!

Tiger credits his swing fundamentals for his ability to focus, as did Hogan, yet there are golfers world-wide that have an equal understanding of the golf swing, but they don't seem to have the ability to play under par on their worse days.

What's the difference?

Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan left out one word from their explanations of how the fundamentals of the swing can help them focus on the course.

That word is Awareness. Simply stated, the golf swing is under constant change because the condition of a golfer's muscles is constantly changing. The muscles start out cold, then the warm up, loosen up, get tired, and become stiff. As the muscles change, so does the body's movement, and therefore the golf swing.

What Hogan could do, and what Tiger does better than any other golfer on earth is adapt to those changes by monitoring their bodies and making the needed adjustments to continue hitting great shots. Both golfers understood that maintaining the proper awareness of their golf swing would keep them playing their best golf, and the process is almost automatic because they both connected with a feedback system in the body that doesn't lie. The feedback system I'm describing is not muscle memory.

This biofeedback system exists in everyone's body already and is much more accurate than Muscle memory. The only difference between Tiger, Hogan, and the rest of the world is that Tiger and Hogan have learned how to adapt this system to improve their golf.

Using this biofeedback system to improve movement awareness, every shot adds to your improvement. So every tournament Tiger plays, he is constantly improving. For Tiger, the only difference between winning or not winning is how the ball rolls on the greens. Hogan was the same way.

Can you use this feedback system? Yes. In fact, you already are, but to a lesser degree. Once you learn how to use it for your golf game, the improvement comes very quickly. In fact, over 6500 golfers around the world have already learned how to use this system to play their best golf, with the knowledge that they are constantly improving as well.

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