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Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2007 -- In everyday life one always needs to be prepared for the unexpected. This means a disaster management system must be in place. Whether a small office or large global company every individual must ensure that valuable data and records are safeguarded.

1888tapebackup.com is a website that ensures this safeguarding of systems by reliable and affordable back up systems. According to experts the most reliable system for backups is the one given by tapes. And so the team at 1888tapebackup.com has set up strategic partnerships with great leaders in tape back up systems.

“The team at 1888tapebackup.com realizes how important reliable back up systems are,” reveals a company spokesman, “disaster management is a must and it must be in itself reliable and not add to problems, so 1888tapebackup.com has set up partnerships with acknowledge leaders in the field.”

Customers can find out all about disaster management and the many options and contact different companies who handle tape back up systems until they find the most reliable one. 1888tapebackup.com will also provide professional consultations to those who require help.

Customers can not just contact companies they can also obtain quotes for at least three companies and compare services as well as costs. 1888tapebackup.com believes that it must offer only the best to its customers and so has conducted in depth background checks on the companies showcased at the site.