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Men - The Gods of Love Released Nationally in September

Book Reveals Myths, False Illusions, and Lies about Men Book Has Earned Critical Praise Across The Nation


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2007 -- Men – The Gods of Love by Dr. David Eigen, (Hardback, ISBN 978-0-9797399-6-5, Gender Studies Institute, 2007) has been released nationally and is earning critical praise across the nation. Men – The Gods of Love, is the culmination of 4 years of research and writing by Dr. Eigen and is designed to explore and debunk the myths and illusions that shape masculine energy and what men have become. The book is the first in a projected three book series with the following books dealing with women and relationship.

“Our old concept of what a man is developed from ancient notions, and today’s concept of male is a more feminized one, the so-called metrosexual,” said Dr. Eigen. “My intention was to explore the truth about what a man truly is – he is a powerful, feeling, and loving being, whose strength is derived from his love, not will. Further, he draws upon his thinking and feeling abilities in balance and with ease.”

“I believe that the issues covered in Men – The Gods of Love, that will enlighten members of both sexes,” continued Dr. Eigen. “The empowered of men to allow feelings and find their inner loving power is my goal, as well as enlighten women to see and hold men in a different light. This will occur by reading my book.”

Men – The Gods of Love, is designed to finally answer the age old debate of what makes a man who he is. It asks many tough questions including: “Does anyone really know what a man is, or are men just acting as they were told, mostly dictated by the patriarchal role models?” The book has received strong endorsements within the academic community.

Here are some of the universal questions that will be clearly asked and answered in the Men – The Gods of Love:

• Are you partaking of an age-old quest, that of searching to find someone to heal you of your unhappiness?

• Do you go from one task to another, one partner to another, or one goal to another, never feeling quite fulfilled?

• Have you wondered how and why your relationships seem to lose their “magic,” only to be transformed into something seemingly hollow and unfulfilling?

• I pretend to be the fearless hero, but inside I feel fear. How can I get past this, and what if I am seen as fearful?

• I believe a woman wants a fearless man to feel protected. If my fear is seen, will I be rejected and left alone—abandoned.

• I am sometimes sad, yet I am not allowed to feel it or show it by crying. What if this gets exposed?

• Am I faulty because I cannot stop these feelings? I must not allow myself to think this!

• I work to provide for others, yet I never feel fulfilled. This seems hopeless. Am I but a customer in this game called relationships?

• I learned to disconnect from my feelings, so I could be the “man” for my woman. Now I am told I am heartless. What’s the use in trying?

• What is the so called "mid-life crisis" really about?

• Why are men the way they are?

Dr. David Eigen holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology, from Delphi University in McCaysville, Georgia. Additionally, he is a clinical doctor of Ro-Hun™, past life regression therapist, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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