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Teaneck, New Jersey Based Mortgage Expert Offers Help to All Victims of the 81-83-85 Paterson Avenue Fire at a brand new website

Teaneck, New Jersey Based Mortgage Lender Joseph Gross Offers Help to All Victims of the 81-83-85 Paterson Avenue Fire at a brand new website http://www.patersonfirehelp.com


Paterson, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2007 -- Joseph Gross, National mortgage expert has set up a website, www.patersonfirehelp.com, to locate the victims of the August 25th fire at 81-83-85 Paterson Avenue. When fire raced through three Paterson, NJ homes last month, what was home for nine families simply vanished. Now, one of the landlords on the block is trying to find all the fire victims in an effort to offer help.

Joseph Gross, president of Qualified Mortgage Inc. in Teaneck, NJ and landlord of one of the three houses, has been touched by the miracle on Paterson Avenue: the story of a 9-year-old girl who saved everyone in three buildings by inexplicably waking before dawn to discover the blaze engulfing her home.

Imagining the horror that could've confronted him at the fire scene, Gross, a mortgage expert and landlord, decided he needed to help the families recover.

"If a kid like this was able to do something like that," Gross explained, "Save me aggravation and, of course, save the people who would've lost their lives, then I have to do something for the kids."

So the landlord of 81 Paterson Ave. is offering help not only to the three families that lived in his building, but to everyone else displaced by the fire. The problem is they are all staying with relatives, or in temporary apartments while preparations are made to rebuild.

Joe set up a Web site www.patersonfirehelp.com for victims of the fire and people who would like to help.

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