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Draft Stoppers Help Conserve Energy And Save Money

How Consumers Can Save Energy and Money with Draft Stoppers


Chino Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2007 -- The oil prices are on the boil, and with their stockpiles being low, energy costs have been increasing dramatically over the past couple of years. To know how much of a dent energy costs can make on the household budget, one needs to calculate energy costs over the years and then plan on how best to save on them.

Calculating Energy Cost Impact

1) During the years 2004 and 2005, the heating bill per household in the winter season averaged to $786 for the commonly used heating methods, namely, heating oil, natural gas, electricity and propane.

2) One year later, in 2006, the same heating bill per household leapfrogged by almost 33%, touching $1,044!

When energy costs shot up dramatically in a period of just one year, it upset a whole lot of household calculations. Energy saving experts opined that regular windows are often drafty and they allow the heat to escape out. It was estimated that this heat loss from the windows could account for 10–25% of the heating bill.

To top it, energy costs are rising due to rise in oil and gas prices and making quite a dent in every household's monthly income. It is also no secret that every homeowner wants to bring down his energy costs. One way to reduce energy costs would be to consume less energy, but that is not possible during the cold winter nights, or hot and humid summer days.

So, the best option to reduce the energy bills is to insulate the house in such a way that heat does not escape through weak window seals, through cracks in the windows, or through drafty doors. The same goes for the hot summer months, when the cool air from the air-conditioning unit escapes from these faultily insulated doors and windows, and causes the energy bills to escalate.

However, there is good, in fact, excellent, news at hand for all those people who are keen on cutting down on their energy bills, but do not want to spend a whole lot of cash while going about their economy drive. And the solution comes in the form of the very economical Draft Stopper.

Draft Stopper Helps Save On Energy Bills

The Draft Stopper is a very tough, versatile and rugged piece of equipment designed primarily to cut down on energy costs. Basically, it consists of a flexible nylon tube filled inside with polypropylene and can fit in easily at any place that is prone to leakage, be it the garage door, basement door, attic door, or windows. The best thing is that it is amazingly simple to use – all one needs to do is to push it close to the doors and window seals and the result is a thermally insulated environment that lasts for many, many months.

The Draft Stopper being tough is not easily prone to wear and tear. Even if cars pass over it daily, it can firmly stand its ground. Being plastic, it is waterproof and can take the rain or humidity easily. Homeowners can also use it to seal off basement/attic doors and unoccupied rooms to conserve energy and save money.

Installing Draft Stoppers makes a lot of sense. And they are quite affordable too. Purchasing Draft stoppers in bulk can turn out to be even more economical – two stoppers cost around $12.99, four will come for $19.99, and the cost of ten will come to as low as $29.99. Just imagine – for just $29.99, the American homeowner can energy-proof his entire house!


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