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How & Why Consumers Should Help Themselves with Hurricane Socks

Common Uses of The Hurricane Sock


Chino Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2007 -- Weather patterns across the world are witnessing a dramatic change. Global warming, El Nino, El Nina, et al., are causing the weather to behave erratically and violently. The effect of all these has been reflected in more frequent occurrence of hurricanes, a big weather bug in America. In the past couple of years America has witnessed a record-breaking number of hurricanes – a total of thirty-one tropical and subtropical cyclones in the Atlantic hurricane season of the year 2005 alone!

And, it's not hard to imagine what is going to happen in the future – hurricanes will hit America with brute force and leave behind a trail of destruction in their wake. Therefore, more and more homeowners are seeking ways and means to keep their homes safe and dry when a hurricane hits.

Damage to homes resulting from the sheer fury of Mother Nature in a hurricane can be really devastating – what with all those water leaks, busted water pipes, flooded basements, and the havoc that heavy rains and increased precipitation bring. The best course to protect your dwelling, therefore, is to plan ahead and take effective countermeasures that will prevent, or at least minimize, the damage. One such measure comes in the form of an innovative, path-breaking product called the Hurricane Sock, commonly available in hurricane-prone states like Florida.

What Is The Hurricane Sock?

The Hurricane Sock is a super-absorbent sock that can absorb up to one gallon of water. When placed near openings of doors, windows and other leaky areas, the Hurricane Sock can prevent water from entering rooms, basement areas and garages. The sock is not just useful only during hurricanes – it can be handy for other routine uses too, e.g., for preventing mold from forming in wet areas in basements and garages and for getting rid of the irritating moisture that collects on windows.

Consisting of a tough tubular nylon exterior and a highly absorbent polypropylene interior, the Hurricane Sock can be reused many times and lasts very long. Being flexible, it can be easily manipulated for use on any kind of surface in an effective manner. After one use, the Hurricane Sock can be immediately reused following a quick air-dry.

Common Uses of The Hurricane Sock

Examples of areas where the Hurricane Sock can be installed include:

• Leaking basement walls
• Sliding doors on the terrace or patio
• Cabinets and doors located in the garage

Once the Hurricane Sock is planted efficiently at leaky points, it will absorb the water, prevent mold from forming, stop damage from water and control the dampness. The sock also protects against leakages from appliances and many homeowners opt to place it around the usual water logging spots such as the geyser, water filter equipment, and the washing machine.

It is easy and convenient to use the sock instead of struggling with paper towels, mops and buckets to clean up the water left over from a hurricane or heavy rain. To top it, the sock comes at a very affordable price.

Typically, the Hurricane Sock is gray in color and measures three inches in width and four feet in length. It comes in varying sizes over a wide price range. For example, a set of two Hurricane Socks typically costs about $12.99, while a set of four costs about $19.99. A 10-sock pack works out to be still more economical, costing only $29.99. Finally, there's a jumbo supersaver pack too – one with 40 Hurricane Socks that costs only $70. And that works out to just $1.75 per sock, which is real cheap.